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  • Sorry, PHP 5.6.37

    Some value can’t get.

    object(A_Z_Listing)#2276 (12) { [“taxonomy”:”A_Z_Listing”:private]=> NULL [“type”:”A_Z_Listing”:private]=> string(5) “posts” [“alphabet”:”A_Z_Listing”:private]=> NULL [“unknown_letters”:”A_Z_Listing”:private]=> string(1) “#” [“alphabet_chars”:”A_Z_Listing”:private]=> NULL [“items”:”A_Z_Listing”:private]=> NULL [“matched_item_indices”:”A_Z_Listing”:private]=> NULL [“current_item”:”A_Z_Listing”:private]=> NULL [“current_item_index”:”A_Z_Listing”:private]=> int(0) [“current_letter_items”:”A_Z_Listing”:private]=> array(0) { } [“current_letter_index”:”A_Z_Listing”:private]=> int(0) [“query”:”A_Z_Listing”:private]=> NULL }

    Plugin Author Daniel Llewellyn


    It seems that your alphabet is empty. This should not happen. If you specify the alphabet in your shortcode does it work correctly? To test, add the following into the shortcode:


    If you are using a localised installation of WordPress then the translation for the alphabet might be wrong on GlotPress. If this is the case, it would be awesome if you could suggest a fix there:

    Thank you for helping me.

    I think the problem comes from my database setup.
    I added hard code for alphabet. = ))
    See it:
    $letters = array( “A” =>”A”,”Á” =>”A”,”À” =>”A”,”Ä” =>”A”,”” =>”A”,”a” =>”A”,”á” =>”A”,”à” =>”A”,”ä” =>”A”,”â” =>”A”,”B” =>”B”,”b” =>”B”,”C” =>”C”,”c” =>”C”,”D” =>”D”,”d” =>”D”,”E” =>”E”,”É” =>”E”,”È” =>”E”,”Ë” =>”E”,”Ê” =>”E”,”e” =>”E”,”é” =>”E”,”è” =>”E”,”ë” =>”E”,”ê” =>”E”,”F” =>”F”,”f” =>”F”,”G” =>”G”,”g” =>”G”,”H” =>”H”,”h” =>”H”,”I” =>”I”,”Í” =>”I”,”Ì” =>”I”,”Ï” =>”I”,”Δ =>”I”,”i” =>”I”,”í” =>”I”,”ì” =>”I”,”ï” =>”I”,”î” =>”I”,”J” =>”J”,”j” =>”J”,”K” =>”K”,”k” =>”K”,”L” =>”L”,”l” =>”L”,”M” =>”M”,”m” =>”M”,”N” =>”N”,”n” =>”N”,”O” =>”O”,”Ó” =>”O”,”Ò” =>”O”,”Ö” =>”O”,”Ô” =>”O”,”o” =>”O”,”ó” =>”O”,”ò” =>”O”,”ö” =>”O”,”ô” =>”O”,”P” =>”P”,”p” =>”P”,”Q” =>”Q”,”q” =>”Q”,”R” =>”R”,”r” =>”R”,”S” =>”S”,”s” =>”S”,”ß” =>”S”,”T” =>”T”,”t” =>”T”,”U” =>”U”,”Ú” =>”U”,”Ù” =>”U”,”Ü” =>”U”,”Û” =>”U”,”u” =>”U”,”ú” =>”U”,”ù” =>”U”,”ü” =>”U”,”û” =>”U”,”V” =>”V”,”v” =>”V”,”W” =>”W”,”w” =>”W”,”X” =>”X”,”x” =>”X”,”Y” =>”Y”,”y” =>”Y”,”Z” =>”Z”,”z” =>”Z”);
    $this->alphabet = $letters;
    $this->unknown_letters = $others;

    Thank you again.

    Plugin Author Daniel Llewellyn


    It looks like you’re hacking the plugin code directly. I’m sorry, but I can’t support you if you are. It will break whenever you update the plugin because your changes will be overwritten.

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