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    Hi- I need a little help if possible. I have looked all over to find the tutorial on how to add video to a post page. Here is the crazy thing. I had it working at one time while attempting this. I went in and added some text thinking it would just post above it and when I went back it didn’t work. I erased everything and tried multiple times and it still won’t work.

    This is what I am trying to do. I would like to post the video from this page:

    When I click the embed on the video I get this code: <iframe frameborder="0" scrolling="no" src="" width="425" height="330"></iframe>

    This page is what shows up:

    And on the news page (that should be a separate blog page format then the community stories page) Nothing shows up.

    I am frustrated. I have donated my time to build this site for a community drug awareness nonprofit, and their big assembly is tomorrow night, which this is going to be part of. I need to figure this out, so if someone can help me I would appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance for any help =)

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  • Sorry, I just noticed this as well… the post I am making are showing up in my other blog page here:

    omg… overwhelmed with why everything changed on me…

    Hi Traci – sorry you’re having such a troublesome time with this – the site looks really good :)! I’m not sure how much help I can be, but maybe we can figure it out.

    Where are you getting that video code from? And how are you adding it to your post?

    Here is the first issue. I am trying to make to completely separate “blog” type pages. One is called community stories and the other news. I set my blog page to community stories (as the directions said) but by doing that it puts all my posts for both community stories and news under community stories. you can see that here:

    The top story should be under news here:

    Which you can see it is not. =( I am not sure how to separate the two. I have tried like 6 different ways I have found on the forum and none work.

    The next issue is I read about the video format for posts. But could not find a tutorial on how to really do it. I am going to be embedding video from mostly news sources that cover the non profit. The first one is located here:

    I had it working once like I said, now nothing is working. =(

    Thanks about the design, it has taken me a long time to get this done. I have read hundreds of pages of tutorials and taken tons of notes on how to use this theme =) I just saw that there is an update for the theme and I am afraid to do it. If it killed the site I would surely cry….
    Thanks again for any assistance

    As I’ve said before, I’m not familiar with this theme, but in general the way to separate posts into different pages (actually not static pages but posts pages) is by using categories assigned to the posts and using category items in the menu.

    So news can’t be a page – it needs to be a category item – create that under your menu.

    As to the video – where did you get that iframe code? I just want to try it on a test site so we can see if that’s working okay.

    Oh, and don’t update the theme at the moment :). It’s not urgent and no sense taking risks right now.

    If you go here:

    you will see the video and on the bottom right there is a little button that says share video. When you click on the button it gives you choices. So I chose embed and the one without the playlist. When I did that it gave me the following code, when I clicked copy code.

    <iframe frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no” src=”×9&auto_next=0&auto_start=0&page_count=4&pf_id=8302&pl_id=16462&rel=3&show_title=0&tags=default&va_id=4625659&volume=8&windows=1″ width=”425″ height=”330″></iframe>

    ** If I understand you about the first past, I need to delete those two links as pages and make them into categories? I am not sure how to do this part at all ** I have news as a page and community stories as a page. Then I also made categories both news and community. I have the community story posts checked on the post page, and I have the news posts, checked for the news category and everything shows up on the community stories page… =(

    In the theme there is a quick set up or customizr and it has a front page option. Here you pick if it is static or post. So I chose static, it also asks you to choose a post page and I chose community stories. If I change that option nothing loads on either page (community stories or news) So I am not sure on that.

    If I delete my two pages, community stories and news and just have categories then how do you get to the pages from my main navigation on the top? I guess I am not understanding how I fix that issue…

    This is where I have been looking for information, but I can’t seem to find answers here just shows you what it should look like.

    If I delete my two pages, community stories and news and just have categories then how do you get to the pages from my main navigation on the top? I guess I am not understanding how I fix that issue…

    Yep, just go to Appearance > Menu – and in the screen for that menu, look in the left hand column for the Categories bar – click on that – you’ll see there the categories you have set up. Check the ones you want to add to the menu – and click add to menu – then drag/drop them to where you want them to be in the menu.

    On the video, it works fine for me on a test site. But be sure that you are using the TEXT editor to add it and don’t switch to the visual editor – as that will strip out code.

    The first part worked great =) They are now on separate pages… Now the front page feature image does not work because that must be a page… I can deal with that though I can just change something else into that featured page on the front splash page. I am okay with that, and really don’t want to waste anymore time trying to figure that entire mess out =) There is plenty of stuff on this website I can use as a featured page… So thank you for assisting me with that issue. I am going to go try the video instructions you gave me, and I will let you know in a second if it worked for me this time.


    I didn’t get it to work. Maybe I am just doing it wrong because I have been trying for so long. Here is what I did by step.

    1. Went to posts>clicked on add new
    2. Under format clicked on video
    3. Under category clicked on news
    4. Made sure that I was on the text mode
    5. Clicked on media>add from url
    6. Pasted url into the line
    7. Left the title spot empty on that page
    8. Clicked insert into post
    9. Clicked publish
    10. This is what I get on the news category page:

    11. This is what I get on the main page, where the video should be:

    I really need this to work, almost all their coverage is news video from local news stations. =(

    I am so mad at myself because I had it working fine on my first try, and then I went to add text, and I broke it and ever since I haven’t been able to get it to work. I am now almost 2 hours into trying to fix this and it is making me crazy

    No worries – I think you’re making it harder than it is. You don’t need to do anything with the media library – you’re using the iframe from the news channel site. So try just creating the post – under the category you want and video format if you want (that’s only for styling) – and then copy the code into the post TEXT editor – and save it. That’s all :).

    I cleared my cache, shut all my browsers off, and restarted… followed your directions and check it out!

    Now here is the hard part of all of this… Can I add text to this post or am I better off leaving it alone?

    I really don’t want the video on the main page but where there is some text like the one below it and then you click on the title to see everything and that is where the video is… If that is not possible.. I will live with it, but that is what I was trying to do when this mess happened to begin with =)

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