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    here is my site…where it says navigation image and footer image there will eventually be some images but the problem is…..

    I am trying to get the whitespace above the header, eventually below the footer and on the sides of the posts and sides of the bottom sidebar. i dont have any css done for these elements of the site so i dont know if they are inheriting there borders. it is a custom theme where i coppied the default and then renamed and deleted all styles. Thanks

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  • You didn’t post a link.

    oh sorry it is

    Setting the background color in CSS for the entire page would be:

    body {background-color:#000}

    … where #000 is a shortening of #000000.

    It looks like your site isn’t recognizing the CSS file at all. You’ve got your blog on the top-level of the domain, but the stylesheet link is pointing to either a sub-domain or a folder called “blog”. Did you specify the difference in your admin? (Options >> General >> Blog Address)

    Just a thought.

    Where — in the Codex, the Support Forum, or the WWW — can I find an explanation of the six-digit code for color (such as the one you reference above)? I want to modify some colors on my WP Theme, but can’t catch a clue about the basis of these color codes. [E.g., two color codes my theme uses are color: #555558; background: #73868C. What color code system is that?] Thanks.

    Just Google for “hex color codes” and start to learn them. It is NOT a WP issue, it’s basic CSS.

    That’s hexadecimal (base-sixteen: sixteen options for each character space, versus base-ten: ten options for each character space). The best place to catch up on HTML and CSS is the World Wide Web Consortium.



    i am not sure if the css file si pointing to my site

    i think it might be pointing to a subdirectory but in my host’s settings i made tthat subdirectory what the user gets when they type in PLEASE HELP

    Okay, where did you install the files, in /www/ or in /www/blog/? If you put them in the “blog” subdirectory then this is not the problem.

    yes they re in the blog subdirectory and i ahve gotten it to work thanks for the help everyone

    Glad you got it working; what was the solution, in case anyone else runs into this problem?


    the solution was just what you said thanks

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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