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    I’m using latest version of WP. I’ve imported posts from a previous blog, and all images showing correctly. But when I try to insert/upload an image I’m just getting broken links (ie box with question mark in the middle). I’m using Atahualpa theme, but I’ve tried on another blog I’ve started with classic theme, and still no joy. Is this a server issue?

    I’m on Using Mac and latest version of OS X. Have tried both Safari and Opera, both same.

    Would really appreciate any help!

    I’m over at

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    Do you have an example of a post that shows the broken/missing image problem?



    Forum Moderator×150.jpg

    404 – Not Found

    If these are images from your previous blog, make sure that they are in the wp-content/uploads directory.

    No, they’re not from previous blog. That ‘about’ page is totally new, and I’ve been trying to upload a new image – but it just won’t go. The upload appears to go fine, but then in the options page to size the image/place it in post etc there’s just the question mark box, and there’s the same in the image gallery – so it appears it’s just not getting the image to the upload directory…

    I’ve just tried uploading an image to another blog I’m a part of, also on WP (but still back in version 2.5 or something, and that worked fine. So it appears it’s not my system at home, but something else.

    Again, any help much appreciated!

    Sorted it.

    For some reason the installation didn’t create /wp-content/uploads

    Created it. Problem solved.



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