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    I had Word Press installed today through one of the install4free folks. I’d like to change the theme, but can’t find the directory wp_content/themes folder anywhere. My domain (and mysqyl database) are through I’ve tried to find the directory throught he mysqyl admin through 1and1 and I’ve tried via transmit, the FTP client I usually use. Nothing shows up in Transmit and the directories I’m finding on the cp for 1and1 are:

    wp_posts, wp_categories, wp_comments, wp_linkcategories, wp_links, wp_options, wp_post2cat, wp_postmeta, wp_usermeta and wp_users

    I’ve read all of the posts that I could find about this, but I still can’t find anything that seems to solve my problem. Please help! I’m supposed to have this blog launched by Saturday and I still would like to change a number of formatting elements.

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  • You do not change the theme by making any modifications to the MYSQL DB. FTP into your wbe address, then into the directory that WP is installed in. In that folder there is a folder called “wp-content” and in that folder there is a folder called “themes”. Upload your theme there.

    Then, sign into your blog and click “Presentation” From there, change the theme.

    Good luck 😉

    Thanks. Unfortunately, when I log into my site via an FTP client (like I said, mine is Transmit) there is absolutey nothing there. No wordpress folder. No directories. Absolutey nothing. This is the part I understand the least, because the site is up. So there must be information somewhere.

    contact your host and make sure you’re pointing your FTP client to the right place. Since you have a blog up, there must be WP files somewhere… and jackosh is right, goofing around in mysql is NOT the answer here!

    1and1 provides a lot of online docs covering ftp access for your account:

    Ask the install4free guy why did they install it in a folder named “wordpress” instead of the root.
    Although your blog displays at the root of your site, it is installed in a subfolder called wordpress:
    That folder should be under the public_html or htdocs or something similar…

    It appears that Doodlebee handled that one, maybe contact her about it ok? =)

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    Found it! Thanks so much!

    Thanks, spencer. I don’t know how I gave her the wrong info. I gave her all I had. Oh well. Thanks all.

    Thanks, spencer. I don’t know how I gave her the wrong info. I gave her all I had. Oh well. Thanks all.

    Hehe, no problem. =) Well, that happens sometimes lol. The past few that I was handling, their informations weren’t right either.. the user(s) figured out why.. and remembered they changed it to something they would remember better.. then gave me, the right stuff. =)

    Stuff happens.. it’s no biggie. =) 😉 Atleast you found it now right lol? =)


    /Can this be marked [Resolved] now maybe? Or, is there still another issue that needs handling? =)

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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