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    i recently experienced a crash on my ubuntu machine and now i’m trying to restore everything to the original state. Luckily i had backups to extract files from. Now the WP issue:

    I run and develop a couple of wordpress sites and have backup of the SVN and the test environments (the local copy of the site itself).
    I restored the mysql databases and the sites itself with the old wp-config.php file for the local environment in there, but trying to access them i get redirected to the installation anyway, would like to get some clearing about this strange behaviour or to be redirected to some old post wich does contain them, thanks in advance for the attention guys.

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  • edit this was true for the first site i tried to restore, the second only give a database error i’m sure it’s due to the non-existant mysql user

    edit: creating the user even the second site get redirected to the installationpage

    this brings me to the conclusion it’s not a wp-config issue but a database issue, any idea?

    doing some step-by-step debug i got to the fact that

    if ( wp_cache_get( ‘is_blog_installed’ ) )
    return true;

    line 1108 of wp-includes/functions.php does not got the correct values from the cache object (!?) again some suggestions?

    Try starting from the uninstalled state: rename wp-config.php wp-config-sample.php and follow instructions on screen when you go try to visit the site. Make sure the database user and user’s password have been set, and enter this and other requested information.

    sorry, forgot to mark this as solved, the users were set, the issue was the ownership of the files in the /var/lib/mysql (the mysql databases) that was set to a different user than mysql, not allowing UPDATE queries to be run due to lack of permissions (mysql could not write the changes). this caused the problem and its now solved: the solution (im my case) was to change (chown) the owner to mysql user.
    Thanks anyway for the help firefly2000

    marked as solved

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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