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  • I also have no email sent from wordpress to help.

    First on the email: WordPress needs mailing software on your hosting server to actually deliver emails. If your “server” is your laptop, chances are you don’t have an email server software installed and properly configured… that’s why WordPress cannot send you emails.

    I know my site title but when looking it up and adding wp-login.php to it, it brings me to a error.

    Are you saying visiting the login URL gives you an error? Then you may either be following the wrong path, or there may be something not working correctly with your installation.

    If you can share a FULL PAGE screenshot (showing the browser’s address bar) of the homepage of your installed WordPress site, we can confirm what the correct login URL should be:

    Hello, I just recently installed and set up word press on my laptop, and some how my wordpress login disappeared on me. So I can not find my login to actually get to the wordpress login.

    How did you install WordPress on your laptop?

    Depending on how you installed WordPress on your laptop, you may have a “magic link” to click to get into your dashboard automatically.

    If you don’t have such a magic link, there are a couple of ways you can use to retrieve your login credentials or create new ones directly in the database. See:

    But, frankly, if this is a fresh WordPress installation with no customization done, it should be far easier to simply re-install WordPress (but this time, your write down your login credentials 😀 ) than to try to dig into the database to recover your lost credentials, especially if you don’t have a database management app like phpMyAdmin installed on your laptop.

    I also have no email sent from wordpress to help.

    It’s highly unlikely you have a mail server on your laptop, and so you wouldn’t have received the email. They’re painful to set up, so I just use Papercut SMTP on Windows, but there may be something similar on Mac if you’re using that.

    Once you’ve got that issue solved, it’d be easier to delete the WordPress installation and start again – assuming it was a fresh installation with nothing critical on it. Then you’ll get your welcome email.

    I know my site title but when looking it up and adding wp-login.php to it, it brings me to a error.

    It’d be helpful to know what the error says. Taking a stab in the dark, you probably don’t have mod_rewrite enabled in your PHP config.

    Good luck.

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    hi fibrous
    I had a problem similar to yours, I use XAMPP as a server on my computers, so if you also have the same type of server, open the XAMPP control panel in the MYSQL row click ADMIN will open a new window in your browser with the database, or alternatively open a New window in the browser and listed in the address bar LOCALHOST/PHPMYADMIN See in the main page of the database your site name, click on it, and it will open a window with a few lines click on WP_USERS and it will open a row with your details under the column USER_PASS, you will see your password (but you can not read it The server encrypts it) then click edit a few lines will open, in the line that appears USER_PASS (under the column ID) and the unread password, delete the old password, write a new password as you want, go to a small window on the side (next to the password window) click on that and select MD5, now click ‘follow’, (You can now close this window) Go to the login window and enter the password you entered, in hope you remember the new password 😀 and enjoy

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