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  • I downloaded a theme which seems to be just what I want, but the sidebar pre-programmed widgets, I guess, aren’t showing up in the Widgets section. I found where to modify the left sidebar but I can’t find where to modify the right sidebar. I don’t want the Blogroll to show up and I’m not sure I want their version of Categories to show up. I also don’t know how to control the right sidebar just like I want. The Pages, RSS Feed, Archives and Recent Posts are *not* in the widgets area, so I can’t easily put the Amazon store in a different spot in that sidebar. Same thing with the right side.

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  • Where did that theme come from?

    These forums only support themes from here :

    So you may need to ask the vendor/developer for help.

    In general, this may be relevant:

    I had a theme like this also. You might have to hand code it like I did in the editor section.

    There should be an additional file in there to edit it that says something like:

    right-sidebar.php or sidebar-2.php

    I’d actually suggest you read this:

    And find another theme – that theme vendor is violating the WP trademark – not generally a good sign.

    Hey mod,

    I have always wondered if its possible for themes and plugins to be able to run processes that are unnoticed to the eye such as transmit/ collect information from my site. Is this possible?

    Can purchased themes be malicious such as

    I have always wondered about that. I purchased a email software that allowed me to send newsletters to my email list subscribers. I always wondered if it was possible for them to transmit those email addresses in the backend without me knowing. They could then spam those people. The company did close down its website after a few months.

    Absolutely, that’s why we recommend only using themes (and plugins) from trusted sources! We get people here all the time who have garbage or worse via spammy or sleezy themes or plugins.

    Not saying that TF falls into that category — I have not heard anything like that about themes from there, just that, yes, unfortunately it’s totally possible and it happens.

    WPyogi, thank you! I’ve changed my theme. I’m brand new to using, so there’s still much for me to learn, it seems. And it seems that the themes I like the most for my site don’t work right. 🙁

    Eric, there was nothing link that. I went through all of the files. The css mentions the right sidebar but that’s it. I don’t get it.

    salocime — oh good, I’m glad to hear that. I know there is a lot to learn — but now you’re on a better path. The good thing about using a theme from the repository here is that people here can help you with them. And as you learn more, you’ll be able to make customizations to your site to make it look anyway you want :). So even if it doesn’t seem like exactly what you want now, try not to get discouraged about it yet.

    WPyogi, is there any way to detect if anything suspicious is happening in the backend?

    Or a way of preventing any issues by changing file permissions to be more secure?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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