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  • Hi,

    Forgive me, for I’m very new to wordpress, and this is probably going to seem like a ridiculous question.

    Someone left a note on one of my “pages” versus one of my “posts.” I didn’t want comments on these pages. But what I’m so stumped on, is I can’t figure out HOW they made the comment. There is no comment box on the bottom of the page. And when I click “view page” by the comment in my dashboard… it takes me to the page, and yet I still see no comment (but I’ve approved it).

    I’m just so baffled by where this comment is even living. I found the box to uncheck that says allow comments (right now I kept it at allow b/c I’m still just trying to solve the mystery).

    This is the page that the comment was made. How did they do it?? And are you seeing the comment somewhere?

    Appreciate any help!

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