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  • survival bill


    I used to be able to disable comments for some pages I can not find this option any more while editing pages/posts and really could use it is their a hack so that I can have this option again I really need it ASAP as it is going to brake my next web site project if I cant do this anymore…


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  • applesfaceman


    Well I dont know if this has been the case for the second to last release of WP but i noticed on 3.1 if you click Screen Options in the High top right corner of the Edit Page page, you should see several Check Boxes, if Discussions is not checked, then you need to check it.

    Once you Check it, scroll down the page and you should now have the panel to Enable/Disable comments.

    If you have Discussion checked already and its still not working, then i dunno.



    THANK YOU!! Was looking for this for hours!! Appreciate it!

    survival bill


    yup found and it worked thanks a bunch …



    Yep, I was struggling with this too. Not needed to change one for a while until just now, and I thought something must have been broken!

    Very cool, I never noticed these options before, and was stuffing around with php code. Who knew it could be so simple….

    Thanks. This should be sticky.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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