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    Not long ago, an user said his .htaccess was empty which might because of this plugin. Have you checked your .htaccess file? Is it okay?

    Did you enable the change wp-content directory? Goto menu > Security > Content Directory.

    Hello and thanx for replay.

    Yes .htaccess is there and its ok, didn’t notice anything different about it.

    When i was setting up the plugin i remember telling me that my theme files were not protected or something like that, anyway it was marked as red, so i did what it ask me to, didn’t notice any problems with plugins or themes so i assume all is good, and that was few weeks back. Now i need to edit something on my theme files but folder is empty. I didnt install or edit anything after setting up this plugin and im the only admin so im assuming it must be it, or not…..! Thanx


    No i didnt change wp-content.



    Your case is rare (I even never seem such problem in this forum).

    You may wait the author to reply, but they’re very busy. Sorry not much I can help. Maybe it is not caused by this plugin. I only can suggest you try to reinstall the theme, do some testings (perhaps uninstall/reinstall this plugin) and see if the problem will happen again.

    Ok ill try to explain this as simple as possible.

    I have some number of plugins on my website including better wp security and wordfence. My theme files are not visible and im not able to change them in any way. I didnt rename wp-content directory and in the theme folder i see my theme name just this folder is empty for some reason. When i backup my website still theme files are not there, but website is working fine and is pulling theme files from some other location which i cannot find. Huh

    I copy from backup theme files to server via ftp and files were visible while copying but as soon as copying finished files dissapired again????? I dont see theme files with ftp or with cpanel????
    I have bean checking better wp and wordfence for any settings regarding this problem and no luck so far, and nothing even in these plugins folders.

    Why is this happening???? Hope someone can shed some light on this problem…..thanx

    I forgoth to mention i have the same setup (better wp & wordfence) on two other websites and its all working fine without any problems.

    The reason why is suspect on these two plugins couse they are the only plugins who are protecting or having a settings for theme files.



    Your case sounds very weird. Perhaps you should try:

    1. Before start the test, make backup both files and database.
    2. Disable and delete all plugins.
    3. Reinstall the theme, and test if the issue still happens.
    3. Install Better WP Security plugin, and test again.
    4. Install WordFence plugin, and test again.
    5. One by one install the other plugins, and test again.
    6. Perform the test again but using other theme.

    May I ask what theme you’re using? Could the problem caused by the theme?

    If you want to a more thorough test, you may try do totally delete the website and start from a fresh install, one by one install the theme, plugins and other data. I know it’s exhausting, but it’s the best things to do figure out what is the culprit. I doubt it is the Better WP Security.

    Remember, make backup before you start.

    Hello Handoko and thanx for replay. Yes,i made all the backups and i remember last time i was uninstalling security plugins i was locked out of the website for 2 days and had to restore everything and that takes time.

    My theme is silverOrchid and i tried to re-install it…..buuuu……not possible….cannot delete or uninstall theme with ftp or even c-panel(look like protected some how)….theme folder still appears empty but cannot delete it?????

    I think disabling/uninstaling/deleting Better WP or Wordfence will not do the trick cause all the plugins settings and database tables stay in the WP and im not experienced enough to clean database manually.



    cannot delete or uninstall theme with ftp or even c-panel

    It sounds you have permission problem. Have you or do you know how to fix the permission issue? Try this:

    1. Login to your cPanel, and click the File Manager.
    2. Browse to your website location (usually under public_html).
    3. Select the items on the right panel.
    4. Click Change Permissions (on the top menu).
    5. Enable all the checkboxes (or put value: 7-7-7).
    6. Now, the permissions are relaxed and you can manually delete them.

    Warning, by doing the things above, it will delete your website. You should understand what you’re doing.

    Next, these are how to empty your database:

    1. Back to your cPanel, click MySQL Databases.
    2. Find the text “Delete Database“, click it.
    3. Now, your database has been deleted. So you need to create a database.
    4. On the Create New Database, type a name.
    5. Click the Create Database button.

    After following the all instructions above, your website will be totally destroyed/deleted. So now you can start a new installation.

    Last warning!

    Playing with cPanel can be risky. You really need to understand what you’re doing. If you don’t have enough knowledge, you should ask someone that is skillful to help. Remember, backup before you try.

    If you installed multiple websites under a single webhost account, you must pay extra attention: not to delete wrong website.

    Found the problem. Thank you Handoko for the help i appreciate it.

    Problem was in the file permissions for that folder, not sure how that get changed.


    It was 3-5-5 instead 7-5-5 ?????

    Is it possible that plugin change this cause i sure didn’t? Maybe you have idea how i determine this? Is there any log somewhere to check?



    Normally the permission settings are 755 or 644. For security reasons, some people change it to to less relaxed settings. Some security plugins may change it too.

    So who changed yours? Is there any log? No, nothing you can do to know it. There is no any log about that information (so far I know).

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