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    sorry if this is a silly question, but where exactly do I go to create the actual shortcuts? All I see on the widget page is it listed in widgets that I can drag into my sider, but not the actual settings where I can create the shortcode. Also just to be sure I am using this correctly, once I make a short for let’s say a blurb of text, I can then add that shortcode anywhere, on any number of pages, correct?


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  • Plugin Author Gagan Deep Singh



    Sorry to disappoint you, but this plugin serves other purpose rather than creating Shortcodes. It allows you to add existing Shortcodes in sidebars using a Shortcode Widget, that enables you to write the Shortcode in it.

    For instance you can use the [gallery] Shortcode available in WordPress by default to display a gallery in your sidebar by using this widget

    [gallery ids="6,5,4"]
    IDs are the media attachment IDs in this example.

    Still if you can let me know exactly what you’re trying to achieve, I definitely can help you out with that.

    ah okay. I have a paragraph of text that is repeated in several parts of the website, so I was hoping to make a shortcode and just use that, so that whenever I make changes to that paragraph, I only have to do it in one location. make sense? so basically I want to make a shortcode for some text

    Plugin Author Gagan Deep Singh


    In case you’re not familiar with coding, then this plugin could help


    It will allow you to create a shortcode that you can copy and paste in content.

    but if you’re familiar with coding, I’d suggest you make use of this code instead:

    function nic_repeating_paragraph() {
    	return "this is my repetitive paragraph";
    add_shortcode( 'nic-paragraph', 'nic_repeating_paragraph' );

    This will create a shortcode which you can use like [nic-paragraph]

    You can put this code in either your site’s child theme’s functions.php file or any custom plugin that you have on your site.

    I hope this helps.

    thank you so so much!!

    Plugin Author Gagan Deep Singh


    Always welcome 🙂

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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