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  • Here’s the situation: I’m an author who created a website for moms pregnant with twins (and parents who have twins). Moms pregnant with twins have to be very careful to get enough calories and protein each day in order to prevent preterm labor and delivery. I would love to add a plugin to help them track their daily intake of both. For instance, a mom-to-be can type in “8 oz glass of milk,” and it would tell her how many calories and grams of protein that glass of milk had and how many more she’ll need for the day. I haven’t found anything near what I’d like. Are there developers who write custom plugins for pay?

    Thanks for any advice or suggestions.

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  • In investigating this further, I’m realizing that custom (paid) plugins are frowned upon in the community. I get that this is a free program and that people work very hard creating code. Understood.

    But where does that leave someone who’s looking for something special or unique such as my example above? Does anyone know what my alternatives are?

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