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    I would like to change the link color so that when it is hovered over, it changes color, and I would also like to underline it so it looks like a link. I can’t find the page to edit the link. (I am using the eBusiness theme from When I go to the ‘Stylesheet'(style.css), there are only a few lines there – no way to edit anything to do with the link color. I’m not sure what version of WordPress I’m using, but I downloaded it about 3 months ago.

    My site is: I changed most, but not all the pages from Private to Published so they could be seen for now.

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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  • You have several stylesheets that are controlling appearance of your theme — try using Firebug to look at elements and what specific CSS is affecting them.

    If you need further help, you’ll need to contact Elegant Themes — as commercial themes are not generally supported here as it’s part of what you paid for.

    I thought that it was still based on open source Word Press?

    It is — that’s not the reason behind the forum policy re: commercial themes.

    The commercial theme you’re using seems to have a type of theme color chooser, thus it has different style sheets. These are overriding the WordPress style sheet(s) as they’re designed to do. There’s nothing wrong with WordPress or any open source issues.

    As WPyogi stated, you’ll need to contact the commercial theme provider you’re using for further support.

    Well, at least that explains why I couldn’t find the right style sheet to change the link color. I am starting to think I would have done better just using the regular WordPress themes instead of buying one, but since it was my first one, I thought it would be a good way to get acquainted with WordPress. Do I need to learn php to make modifications? I know html and css, just never worked with php.

    You can modify CSS without knowing PHP. But certainly start using Firebug — as it makes CSS MUCH easier to work with. You might well be better off using a simpler theme for a starting one. Many commercial themes are a lot more complicated and have options that are very theme specific — which is another reason it’s hard or impossible for people here to help with them much — we simply don’t know and can’t download the theme to check it out or test things.

    But elegant themes has good support — so they should be able to help you out with the theme you have if you stick with that one.

    It will also perhaps help to learn a bit more about how WP themes work — this is a good starting place:

    I really appreciate the advice. I have put a lot of work into the one I have, so I will probably try to stay with it and get it finished, but I am going to try to learn some more about WordPress I will check out the link that you sent. I certainly see what you mean about the paid version being really difficult. I kind of thought that I had different style sheets, competing with each other. Would it be better next time to just use a free one and modify it? Are all the themes on free?

    Should I mark this thread as being solved so I don’t clutter up the forums?
    Thank you for your patience with all my questions

    Yes, all the themes on are free. There’s not a single simple answer about those themes being “better” than commercial themes — as so much depends on what you need and want. But all the themes on have been tested and meet WP standards — which is a good thing and a reason to avoid getting themes from shady vendors or iffy places. (There are certainly many good commercial themes out there too — and many of those vendors are also listed on — as recommended commercial theme sources.)

    I certainly understand and agree that it would be hard to give up now on all the work you’ve done — and I’m sure you’ll be able to figure out the rest of what you want to do.

    But one of the very cool things about WP is the great flexibility and so many choices you have — so you can try things out, experiment, etc. (Not suggesting you do that with your current site, but just that it’s out there for “next time” or when you have time to fool around and play with some things…) Download a few themes, create some content and see what you can do.

    I also totally agree with learning more is always good and helpful and interesting and fun (so long as you are not banging your head on the desk — LOL!). There are lots of tutorials and info about WP (and PHP per se) out there on the web — including YouTube — so you can no doubt learn as much as you want…)

    And yes, it’s always helpful to mark threads resolved — it helps keep things tidier!

    Thank you again for all your help, I will work on learning WP a little better.

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