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    I’m having a problem. I used hostgator and created an account a few hours ago. I was in such a hurry to get wordpress up. WordPress installed fine with no problems at all. But when I click the link in the email that leads to my site it says “server not found”. I read something about having to wait 48 hours before the *something* propagates if you get a new DNS. Does the same thing apply if you have a fresh hostgator account?

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    First, it can take anything from 24 – 72 hours for DNS changes to fully propagate.
    Second, different networks will update at different times during this period. That is, bear in mind that just because one provider has updated their records, it doesn’t mean that another will.

    Does the same thing apply if you have a fresh hostgator account?

    Check with your hosting provider.



    very awesome

    Remember that it’s not the hosting account that’s lagging behind, it’s the domain name. It’s completely standard, and always happens like this. As you’ve been advised, 24-72 hours is just how long it can take.

    The way that it works is that there’s DNS servers around the world that cache the settings for every domain name that they know about. These servers tell enquiries where they need to go to, so if there isn’t a setting for an address, then the server can’t tell the request where i tshould be routed to. When a domain name is added or changed these DNS servers don’t instantly get the details. They update their records anywhere from a few minutes to a few days, so it depends on how these servers are configured all around the world that will influence how long it takes.

    All that I can say is jsut be patient. It will work, and you will be able to get in, it will just take a bit more time.

    Thanks. I guess I’ll just wait it out then. So excited. I’ve been looking forward to launching this website for months! ^^

    Oh, side question (I hope it’s alright), but what do you advise I do while I wait? I already have months worth of posts lined up.

    Didn’t have to wait that long. My sites working fine now! Thanks for the help guys. I’ll be back once I’ve set it up enough.

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    Glad to know that 🙂

    i went to my website but it says its not availbale and if i am the owner should contact technical support. I dont see any way to contact technical support in WordPress. what happned to my site and what should i do?

    @sessionbistro – could you please start your own thread per the forum guidelines –

    You can do so here:

    How-To and Troubleshooting

    @sessionbistro – that message is not from WordPress – it appears to be from your hosting company (looks like Host Monster) – so you need to contact them. If you need further help, start your own thread – this one is marked resolved and now closed.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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