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    I’m trying to upgrade to a later version of WordPress. My current version is 2.0.4. I’ve read the instructions on backing up a database, I just can’t find mine! It’s not on my list of databases at GoDaddy. When looking at the DB_Host, it says it’s

    Any ideas? GoDaddy couldn’t help me at all, although I’m pretty sure I set WordPress up using their software install for it. I’m at a complete loss.


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    “When looking at the DB_Host, it says it’s…”

    thats the IP. thats NOT your database.

    you need to follow the godaddy instructions for accessing your database using their interface:

    By the way, the site is running fine ( I just have no idea where the database resides!




    .. and I just gave you the keys.


    Thanks for your reply. I had already done what you suggested, but was only able to find the database for my test blog. I have two blogs set up on the domain. One was a test blog in a subfolder named Vintageeng. Vintageeng has its own username, password and a DB_Host name that’s for sure a GoDaddy name ( Vintageeng also has a mySQL database that shows up on the GoDaddy database list. It’s the only one there.

    The VintageEng database was set up way after the database for I can’t find the database for It’s not listed in the databases in GoDaddy. It’s got a weird DB_Name (user_471884). I have no idea where to look for it, GoDaddy has no idea where to look for it, but I set it up on GoDaddy.

    Update: OK, I was able to backup my WordPress database using the WordPress Database Backup Plug-in by Scott Merrill. I guess at this point I should create a new database on my GoDaddy domain, and upload the back-up to it. Then repoint to the new database in my wp-config.php file, yes?

    Update: That worked. Fore the life of me I have no idea where that original database is!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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