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  • I am brand new to wordpress. I followed instructions per a youtube video to create a photography website using wordpress. I obtained the domain and host, installed wordpress through Gator and the kingsize theme through About two hours later I was able to log into the site. I am able to access the menu bar and some of the selections are functional. The issue is that the “Home” menu bar and logo selection can not find the site. It just sits there in a search mode. I’ve entered my site in the URL and verified that it is entered correctly. I’ve also tried entering to see if it would pull up google but it continues to sit in a search mode. I changed it to static and it stopped searching but would not display the background photo properly. It was mostly covered in black. I am at a loss as to what the problem is. Any help is appreciated.

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  • I think your issue is resolved. I just tried and it’s working properly.

    Hi donmhico. Thanks for your response.
    I just went to the site but got the same problem. When I go to the site, it should load and display a background photo but instead, if I go to the site or into the admin features and to the site, it will appear to be loading the background image but apparently can’t find it (you can see the spinny thing indicating it’s looking for the photo). I am able to upload a background image through the dashboard features but it will not load/display the background to the actual site. It’s almost as if there is a path issue. WordPress loaded. The theme loaded. I just can’t find where I screwed up the install. Again, any help, thoughts, ideas are greatly appreciated.

    Where did you download the theme from?

    Ohh okay i understand the problem now. Ill look into it later when i got home.

    Did you try to ask the theme author(s) for help or search the comments section on Themeforest ?

    It seems like you didn’t setup the home page properly. i can’t give deeper instruction because i never used that theme before nor can i see the back end of your site. But while trying to go around the site, it seem to work on some of the pages, (,

    It’s best if you look on the theme’s documentation or on the forums dedicated for that product on themeforest

    I have started a support ticket

    Yeah I’ve been trying for several hours checking and rechecking for mistakes on the home page and menu but I can’t find anything wrong. If support doesn’t get back to me I think the best thing is to uninstall wordpress, reinstall it and start over. Thanks for trying to help me out. I appreciate it.

    No problem, if you want i can actually help you deeper. [moderated]



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    @donmhico – please do not ask people to contact you off these forums – see the forum guidelines – . While you may be well-intentioned, not everyone is.

    @blcphotography – we do not recommend giving site access to people you don’t know.

    Sorry about that.

    Well anyway, @blcphotography, if you can give a screenshot of the documentation and how you did it on your wordpress site (please be sure to censor any valuable or personal data), then maybe we can help you more

    Thanks for the help. I actually uninstalled the purchased theme and installed the generic 2013 theme. There was no problem with it displaying so apparently the problem is with the theme I bought. I tried to reinstall the purchased theme and got the same problem. Thanks again.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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