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  • I’m trying to track down a registration form issue. In the Post page for the page that displays the form, all that’s in the Visual editor is [webinar-register]. So I can’t see the actual fields.

    At first I looked under Custom Fields and didn’t find it, then I tried looking for an add_shortcode function for it. I downloaded every template on the site and couldn’t find a function for that name.

    At this point (and I am a newb) it’s a mystery. I can’t seem to find the actual form that webinar-register is pointing to.

    Any ideas on where else to look?

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  • Which plugin is this shortcode for? Does the plugin have a settings area?

    I actually don’t know what plugin uses it. I’m having trouble making any association at all with the shortcode since I can’t find it in the functions.php file. I’m a bit lost.

    Would I need to download the code for all installed plugins and do a search on ‘webinar-register’? Or is there something I can use on the Dashboard to find it?

    Looking at some plugin names (18 installed), there are Advanced Custom Fields, PHP Snippets… most of them are Google, UI, and Security plugins by the looks of it.

    Can you share the link to the registration page so we can have a look?

    (I would think there should be an obviously-named plugin that goes with this shortcode… something like Webinar Registration plugin!… Is the form still working at all? If not, maybe that plugin isn’t installed or is broken.)

    The form actually works and submits, but it needs some field/text changes and needs a new submit recipient.

    However, there isn’t a webinar registration plugin, or any plugin that looks related at all, at least according to Plugins on the dashboard.

    Another related issue is that for the life of me I can’t find where the email recipients reside. They receive the submission, but I can not find their emails anywhere. I’m guessing once the shortcode issue makes more sense, this will, too.


    Running out of time now… just a thought… could this be part of the NeoClassical theme? I.E., look in the theme options?

    Is there a plugin installed for custom shortcodes?

    There’s got to be somewhere in the database that has the registered shortcodes stored; i just don’t know where it is. If we knew, you could find it using phpMyAdmin.

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    Fastest way is to download all your code to your desktop and then search for “webinar-register” – if nothing shows up, then use adopted3’s trick and search the DB.

    The theme being used is a child of the NeoClassical theme, you’re right.

    EDIT: Found it! It was under the ‘PHP Snippets’ plugin.
    There is a wp-snippets directory that associated the webinar-register with a webinar-register.snippet.php. Sneaky one! Looks like shortcode, but apparently it’s not.

    Thanks for pointing me to the plugin area. I probably never would have found it.

    This is good news… so now you’ve probably already visited Dashboard >> Settings >> PHP Snippets and found out the directory location of the code you’ll need to modify. 🙂

    Indeed, thanks for the help, all.

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