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  • Hi,

    I use your theme for a professional job. It is great! thank you 🙂
    But I would like to change stuff in the css (example: reducing the space between the widgets). the problem is that I can not find the css!
    Could you please help me
    Many thanks

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  • Hi Fleur,

    In the latest version of your theme (1.2.4), that I accessed here in the WP repository, I’ve found the stylesheets inside the css folder.

    Hi Antonietta,

    Many thanks for your replay 🙂

    Actually, I just can not find the css folder (under “Editor”, there is only the description of the version!)


    If you don’t see what you’re looking for from the editor, try looking into your theme’s folder inside wp-content/themes/css/ on the server using your FTP.

    You don’t need to find the theme’s CSS file to make changes. In fact, changing the theme’s files is highly discouraged, because if the theme ever gets upgraded (because of a feature enhancement or a security patch, for example), your changes will become lost. Instead, you should either create a child theme and edit the child theme’s style.css file, or better to use a CSS plugin if the theme doesn’t have a custom CSS option.

    To find out what CSS rules you need to override, just use a web debugging tool like Firebug or Chrome Developer Tools.

    Theme Author Brian Harris


    @antonietta & @crouchingbruin – thank you so much for chipping in and helping. This is why I love this community 🙂

    @fleur17 – as @crouchingbruin stated, edits are best and recommended to be carried out via a child theme or a custom plugin. If you require a starter child theme to get things going you can grab one here:


    Hi Zulf, I love this community too and themes creators like yourself. There must have been an edit in Fleur’s message, because when I read it I understood she couldn’t find the styles information in the Editor. I hope I haven’t misled anybody.

    @fleur17 – sorry, I wasn’t aware of the fact that you were looking for the styles information to make changes. I thought you were wondering where that info was, because style.css didn’t have it. However, I think it’s a good thing to getting to know one’s theme, its code structure, its files, where they’re located, etc. As for making changes, Zulf’s help above is invaluable, and CrouchingBruin’s input is the voice of wisdom. I hope I didn’t mislead you in any way.

    Theme Author Brian Harris


    Marking this as resolved but if you still need assistance then feel free to ask.

    Hi ALL,

    Thank you very much for your replay .. I am very grateful !

    in fact, I’m not very expert on html/ccs, I can do some stuff but not code. therefore solution “a child theme” I have no idea how to do it! 🙂

    So my first request still open …

    I also have a second problem! I need some help to figure out how the posts are published. Because even if I have already defined the home page as static and an other page for posts publications, it dosn’t work!
    And the problem is That:
    – The posts are published on the home page
    – No posts on the “publication” page
    – The date / time set for the post doesn’t show up!

    I have 2 other website where posts are made by the same way and it works! I’m little depressed …

    Theme Author Brian Harris


    Hello Fleur17,

    Thanks for getting back to us – I’ve re-opened the thread so that we can try and help you figure things out.

    Could we start with a link to the site in question? Seeing what is going on on the site will help us determine the best cause of action in assisting you.

    I have 2 other website where posts are made by the same way and it works!

    Are they using the same theme?

    Going back to your original query – if you can drop me the details of what you want changed via the ticket system at I’ll be more than happy to formulate a child theme for your specific needs.


    Hi Zulf,

    thousand thanks for your replay!

    In fact it is not a personal site is the property of a group.
    I’ll confront copyright issues, if I share it outside of the “professional” communciation! 🙁

    But since this is a specific solution, could we exchanged by email? It will be more confidentiel. If you worry about the publication of the solution, I will post it later with a note to share it with the theme community.

    What do you think?

    Kind regards

    Theme Author Brian Harris


    I understand.

    Please open a ticket here: and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


    Thank you very much, I created it


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