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  • Hello… First of all, thanks for this great plugin.

    I’m using the LH User Taxonomies for create taxonomies for users. User taxonomies are a built in feature in WordPress, and this article by Justin Tadlock explains in detail how to do taxonomies for users.

    So, the Beautiful taxonomies plugin can recognize all taxonomies for user, but it doesn’t list “users” as a post type to be filtered.

    PrintscreenUser Taxonomies appears, but User Post Type don't

    Could you help me to make this work. I really need this feature. Any help for how to get this working is welcome.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Justin Tadlock


    WordPress God

    I’m not familiar with this plugin, but I got pinged on this topic because my name was mentioned. I’ll try to help though. 😉

    First, there is no user “post” type. Users are a different “object” type. WordPress has several types of objects: posts, users, comments, links (hidden in newer installs), and terms.

    Based on this plugin’s description, it allows your site’s visitors to filter post type archives by term. Because there’s no user post type, and thus no users archive, there’s no way it could filter them.

    With that said, it would be a bug in the plugin if it’s listing taxonomies that are not for post types, such as taxonomies for users or comments.

    Hey Justin, thanks for following up.

    Sorry for the bad use of WordPress terms… You are correct, I wanted to say User Type, but I really didn’t went deeply into this topic on WordPress documentation and didn’t know the difference. My bad.

    I’m not a developer, just a designer doing my try with WordPress with lower dev tasks. So, let me know if I understood correctly… the listing of Users Taxonomy in this plugin is a bug (or shouldn’t be listed), because it doesn’t have archive. But How does WordPress archives the user profiles?… even the template hierarchy documentation provides a author.php template. Maybe the author.php do the same job as archive.php?

    Can you imagine someway to create a filter for user taxonomies, without this plugin? Once I have taxonomy and terms, I think that maybe has a way to get this information in front end, and then, after get all taxonomy terms, create an JS filter…. I don’t know it will be works, just thoughts.

    Thank you very much for replying.

    Justin Tadlock


    WordPress God

    Yes, there are user (or “author”) post archives in WordPress. These are archives of an individual user’s posts. It’s not an archive of users.

    Terms are tied to the users with a user taxonomy.

    WordPress doesn’t have this concept of an archive of users. So, it’s impossible to do what you want without first building a plugin that creates that archive.

    To kind of put this into perspective, imagine you had a “Movie” custom post type. If you went to, you’d see an archive of all the movies you’ve added.

    Now, to do the same thing from a user perspective, you’d think you could go to something like and see an archive of all the user profiles on your site. That’s simply not something that’s built into WordPress. Therefore, there’s no way this plugin or any other filter plugin would work.

    the listing of Users Taxonomy in this plugin is a bug (or shouldn’t be listed)

    I wanted to answer this directly: yes, this is a bug with the plugin. It shouldn’t list taxonomies that aren’t tied to a post type.

    Plugin Author Jonathandejong


    Hi Bruno and Justin,

    Thank you for responding Justin. As you say, there are no users archive in WordPress and as such the plugin can’t create a filtered page for it. Unfortunately I can’t do much about that without extending the plugin to something it really isn’t. It would also require custom templates loaded from the plugin bla bla. Don’t want to get too technical.

    As Justin says.. the short answer is no, there’s no way to make it work. And yes, this is a bug! I didn’t even know taxonomies for users was supported in WordPress 🙂 I will make sure this is fixed in the next version. Thank you for notifying me! And sorry again for not bringing better news.

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