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  • I made this website for some family friends of mine: . The site looks and behaves as they asked me to make it in Firefox and Chrome. However, in IE 6-8, things start to look unusual (particularly in the “masthead” part of the site).

    I’m not as concerned with supporting IE 6 and 7, but I really don’t understand why IE8 looks so wrong. Can anyone take a look for me? Here’s a screenshot in case you can’t pull it up on your own in IE8:

    I apologize for the lack of further information. I’m new at this and while I was able to fix a lot of my mistakes, I’m not sure at all how to go about fixing things under IE. I just don’t get what makes them go wrong. If there’s any more info I can supply, let me know.

    I’m using the Twenty Twelve theme (made a child theme first before modifying it like this).

    Thanks in advance. I would greatly appreciate any solutions (or general guidance so that I may figure out how to fix this on my own) that anyone can provide.

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  • See this validation report.

    I find your site difficult to access even for web-tools.

    Thank you very much. It seems actually that the validation service didn’t follow the redirect I had put in (I was specifically asked to leave some old files accessible, and I found this to be an easy and quick way to do it. Once they no longer need them, I plan to do away with this temporary solution). Running the validation service on the actual WordPress homepage I have gave me this.

    What do you mean by “difficult to access”? How would I go about improving that?

    Unfortunately I’m not very familiar with WordPress at all (just HTML and CSS) and so I feel a lot of things, such as the plugins that I used, are a “black box” to me, so to speak. I feel like either something that came with the theme or one of the plugins (unlikely, as the site looks unusual even once I disable my plugins) is causing the site to render unusually under IE8 and I can’t figure out what it is.

    Thanks again for the reply.

    It’s clear now. You have installed WordPress here:
    And you want to show your homepage as only Right?

    If so, remove this redirect.

    <script language="javascript">

    And follow the instructions here:

    Yes, that’s correct. I was planning to do this once they give me the go-ahead to finalize the site (they had an older site on the same domain and I didn’t want to remove all of their old content just yet).

    However, this still doesn’t address my initial issue where things look weird when viewed under IE8. Would moving the installation directory really fix something like that? I was assuming it was an issue with WordPress’ pre-installed CSS or JS conflicting with mine or something.

    Your site works fine for me in IE8. Use the correct link and see (

    You’re not seeing the strangely-large borders around the top navbar as I showed in the screenshot in my OP? I’ve viewed it in IE8 on two different computers and it looks different than it does in FF or Chrome, or even in IE9 and 10.

    Not so strange – that’s why I did not notice it.
    Have you noticed that you are missing the rounded corners for your header and other places?
    It’s mostly a CSS/ theme related thing. Can you revert to Twenty Twelve parent theme and see if such differences are there?

    Also, note that all browsers do not interpret themes/ CSS in the same way.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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