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  1. littlereddesign
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Hi there,

    I'm not sure where to go from where I'm at! Here's a quick summary of where I have managed to get to:

    Using Filezilla, I have my localhost folder set up (called 'mtm1520'). Inside of that folder are my static html/css docs (inside of a folder called 'static'), as well as all of the wordpress docs that come when you download WordPress (which are inside of a folder called "www").

    Within my computer's wamp folder, I have those exact same files (without the 1520 folder).

    In my wampserver -> phpMyAdmin panel, I have set up a database (named healthyliving).

    Inside of my wp-config.php file (in the copy which is on my wampserver, as well as within the copy that is in my localhost [mtm1520] www file), I've set up the following:

    under db name: 'healthyliving'
    under db user: 'root'
    under db password: '' (none)
    under db host: 'localhost'

    Assuming that I've set all of that up right (which may be a mighty big assumption!), what url should I be using to get into wp (for the first time)? And what should my next step be?

    Thanks for any help any one can give!


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