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  • WordPress is so complicated I can barely use it.

    I just upgraded to wordpress pro, I got the bundle upgrade.
    How do I get the plugins so I can add widgets?? I keep finding all these directions that are too complicated for me to understand with terms like FTP and so on.

    I want to just add widgets to my blog like the ones I see on this site:

    I found this video explaining how to install plugins but it shows a plugin tab when your under admin and mine doesnt have that
    (the video ->)
    It looks so easy but I dont have a plugin.

    My domian is (not But then I see on something about a host. I just paid $99 for the bundle, why do i know have to pay another 100 a year for a host?? Is that what I need to do?? This is SO COMPLICATED.


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  • I think you need to talk to the people who sold you the bundle for $99.

    WordPress itself is free in both senses of the word and is very easy to use and configure. So I can only conclude that your ‘bundle’ is making life hard for you.

    Sorry I can’t be more constructive, but I can’t imagine what this bundle is that you’ve purchased.



    I cancelled the “bundle” which give me a domain, no ads, more space, video press, custom design and some other stuff but i dont know how to utilize it. But now I want to get a host because I think that is how I get plugins?? Is this true? I dont want to make another purchase that is useless. BUT i cant use my domain name now because its already “mapped” in the system with wordpress but i cancelled so its not actually active.
    I need to know if its just going to take a few days and then I’ll be able to use my domain. i contacted support but am still waiting to hear back.

    AH. WordPress is so hard for me to use.

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    The distinctions between, WordPress, and can cause some confusion:

    As you’re using, not self hosted WordPress, you’re in the wrong place – support for that is handled at

    Last week I bought the PRO BUNDLE from, but this week I´ve migrated my bloc to + a hosting. Have I lost the PRO BUNDLE? How can I know?

    Probably. The two things are completely separate.

    It would be better to start a new thread. You’ll be more likely to get a knowledgable response.



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    You stand a better chance of getting help if you start your own post rather than add on to one that is months old.

    dear m peredur
    Help me awful about the subject of Midge article:
    And I wanted to ask you how I can control at each frame in a different way?

    Please start a new thread. You’ll stand a better chance of getting an answer and not fall foul of the moderators.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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