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    I would like to display social media sharing buttons **after each post** on my archive pages, home pages, category pages, etc. When the user clicks them under a specific post I would like that post’s title and permalink to be shared, **not** the page on which the post appears (which could be the home page, etc).

    Also for email sharing, do you pop up a blank email form with the link in the body (or other field) and the subject with the post title, so the user then just needs to fill out their email address and the recipient and add addtional text to the message they need.


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    The default share buttons that appear below posts work exactly as you describe — they share the associated post (not the current page).

    Email sharing opens a ready-to-go email with the title in the subject line and URL in the body. An AddToAny email template allows you to customize the defaults for email sharing.

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    Thanks for your quick reply.

    I have got the icons appearing under the the posts and working, although they are not in the write place. My theme allows me to inject HTML at the right place but I was wondering where I can get the HTML that produces the icons the way I have configured them (colours, buttons, sizes, etc.) in the WordPress config panel for Add-to-Any?

    I’ve tried every email icon and I can’t find any that pops up an email form. All are for e-mail services or fire up my desktop email application. Perhaps I’m missing something?

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    Ok I have finally got the icons displaying where I want, but can’t seem to figure out how to change the colour of the icon. I want a transparent background with a light shade of grey. All I can get is black, per your instructions here:

    I’ve tried:
    a .a2a_svg { -webkit-filter: grayscale(1); filter: grayscale(1); }
    a .a2a_svg { -webkit-filter: grayscale(100); filter: grayscale(100); }
    a .a2a_svg { -webkit-filter: grayscale(100%); filter: grayscale(100%); }

    And none work. How can I set the actual grey colour I want?

    Also still no luck with getting a simple pop up email form — not firing up a native email client or email service (aol, gmail, etc.). What you suggested is to customize the content but does not get me an pop up email form like this another social sharing service gives:

    Any suggestons?

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    Also following the instructions to make the transparent, inverted, black colour icons doesn’t work in Firefox (in the latest version no icons appear and the mouse doesn’t even register any links where they should be, in an earlier version, the icons showed up as white):

    In Chrome they show up:

    Any suggestions?

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    Also still no luck with getting a simple pop up email form — not firing up a native email client or email service (aol, gmail, etc.).

    AddToAny uses the standard mailto: protocol; it doesn’t pop up a form due to sharing drop-offs from absurd CAPTCHAs, lack of contacts, etc. If services aren’t opening you’ll want to troubleshoot that local issue.

    Firefox’ Private Browsing mode filters out major social buttons by default. Also check that you don’t have an ad-blocker (or similar) browser add-on set to filter out social buttons.

    Only the black glyphs are supported with CSS3 in modern browsers at the moment. The glyph color will be easily customizable in a future release.

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