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  • Seems like a really solid plugin, but I can’t figure out how to take advantage of this feature:

    Option to display single post images as a gallery

    Is there a how-to for that somewhere?

    Also, does it work with multiple galleries? Here’s what I want to do:

    [image1]{gallery with image1, image2, image3}

    [image4]{gallery with image4, image5, image6}

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  • Plugin Author dFactory


    You can either add multiple galleries in a post (and they should be displayed as a separate galleries) or:
    You can add rel=”lightbox[gallery-n]” in your theme where n(in gallery-n) is a numer of separate gallery.

    Thanks for the prompt reply. Seems I never got an e-mail about it 🙁

    As far as I know, there’s no simple way to make your first solution work with only a single thumbnail. The native WordPress gallery insists on displaying a thumbnail for every image you want to have in your slideshow. I’ve yet to find a way to control how many thumbnails to show for a given gallery. It’s all or nothing.

    As for the rel="" method, that sounds like what I’m looking for. I tried something similar with a different plugin and it worked so long as the no-thumbnail slides were linked to an actual piece of text. Links that don’t wrap around anything appear to be removed.

    But I don’t quite understand how to apply what you’ve described. What is the “number of a separate gallery” that you’re referring to? Is it something I have to define manually?

    Just to make sure we’re on the same page, what I’m trying to do is make each thumbnail on this page link to its own separate gallery:

    Plugin Author dFactory


    Hi Erlend,

    When it comes to the gallery-n method. The idea is simple:

    1) if you give all your images displayed in a post or page just a rel="lightbox" attribute, it will be displayed together in one gallery
    2) if you assign rel="lightbox[gallery-1]" to 10 images, and rel="lightbox[gallery-2]" to 5 images, you will have 2 galleries on a page containing 10 or 5 images
    3) if you give every image in a post a differently named rel attribute for e.g. rel="lightbox[image-1]", rel="lightbox[image-2]", rel="lightbox[image-3]" etc. each image will be displayed separately, not as a gallery (so you can’t navigate between images)

    Basically whenever there are same rel attribute names assigned to images (or videos) those files will be a separate lightbox gallery.

    But from the screenshot you’ve sent I think you want to achieve something different: to make one image (thumbnail) open a gallery of images, that are not present on the page/post. Do I understand you correctly?

    Hi dFactory,

    I am looking for the same solution. The ability to display only one image but have it open a gallery of images that are not visible on the page.

    Any help is appreciated


    Hello dFactory,

    o make one image (thumbnail) open a gallery of images, that are not present on the page/post. Do I understand you correctly?

    sorry to bump an old post, this is exactly what I want. Can your plugin do this?

    Hello dFactory,

    I’m wondering the same thing. Can we display one image but have it open a gallery of images that are not visible on the page? If so, how do we code that?

    Thanks so much for your reply! 🙂

    Plugin Author dFactory


    This plugin is only for applying lightbox effect. It’s just not capable of organizing your images into galleries.

    But many of you are asking for that kind of feature. If we have some time (which may not happen soon) we’ll think of creating a complete gallery plugin that would do both: work smoothly with Responsive Lightbox and allow you to organize galleries and display images in a theme with same level of ease and flexibility as in RL.

    I can help with the request to open a gallery into a lightbox from the first image with this little bit of CSS

    /*Gallery only show first image*/
    .gallery-item {
    	display: none;
    .gallery-item:first-child {

    Basically, it just hides the rest of the gallery so only the first image is seen.

    My new issue is to try and get the gallery first images to display as a grid or to display left or right aligned in a paragraph. (ie to behave like a single photo.)
    Any advice?

    Great idea malissas
    If you add this, then you have everything floating:

    .gallery {float:left;width: 200px}/*whatever width suits your need*/

    It’s amazing. Been looking for single thumb image galleries for days and I can’t find any…

    Hi guys!

    I tried malissas approach and it doesn’t work at all. I’m putting those CSS commands under my theme folder in the style.css . Where should I write it then?

    Thank you!

    EDIT – No worries, I don’t know why it works now but, hey, it does. Thanks you for this approach!

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