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  • I can add this widget in a sidebar, however, if I click in the text area, there is no cursor. The field doesn’t allow you to click in it to enter text. Then, if I switch to the Visual or Text tab, the entire text area disappears so you just see Title and the tag button bar.

    I CAN however enter text in the title field.

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  • I am having the same issue. I have determined that this is being caused by the new version of Avada theme’s Fusion Builder plugin. I just updated to Avada 5.0.1. I’ve been using this plugin with the Avada theme for a couple of years with no problems. I could even use the fusion builder shortcodes in the widget, which was pretty cool. But now it’s not working. I can’t update any of my client websites to Avada 5.0 until this is fixed, as I use this plugin on ALL my sites. Hoping Marco can figure out a fix quick! Thanks Marco, I love this plugin!

    Plugin Author Marco Chiesi


    Are you using Avada theme too? Please provide additional info as described in our FAQ.

    Did you check our troubleshooting FAQ. In particular could you check your browser’s javascript console for errors?
    Does the problem occur when Black Studio TinyMCE Widget plugin is the only active plugin and Avada is the current active theme?
    If it’s confirmed that it’s a conflict between Avada 5.0.1 and Black Studio TinyMCE Widget I would need a copy of Avada 5.0.1 or an admin access to a site that has it installed, in order to perform more checks.

    Hello Marco,
    We too are having problems with your Plugin, which we love.
    We have Avada 5.0.2 installed (just updated) and this is having compatability issues, on all of our sites.
    One of our sites ( shows the problem with Button & Blog shortcodes on the sidebar that used to work fine with Avada 4.0.3 but now does not.
    Would love this to be resolved, thanks.

    Plugin Author Marco Chiesi


    At first sight it seems an issue introduced by the latest version of the Avada theme. Our plugin natively processes shortcodes inside widgets, but in your site it looks there’s something that prevents it.
    I’d need to perform additional testing, but unfortunately I don’t have a copy of the latest version of Avada. Could you provide a copy of it or an admin access to a site that has it installed? You may send private information using the contact form on our site, with reference to this topic.
    By the way, did you try ask Avada authors for support?

    Hi Marco,

    I’ve sent you an email thru your contact form and also a request to share a Dropbox folder containing the Avada 5.0.2 theme. Please let me know if you receive it.


    Sorry, I sent this before I got your email. 🙂

    Plugin Author Marco Chiesi


    I made some tests with Avada 5.02.

    The problem reported by @lycralad could be related to a change in the shortcode names provided by Avada’s Fusion Builder. Currently the shortcodes are like [fusion_button ... ] ... [/fusion_button] and not like [button ... ] ... [/button]. I think it should be sufficient to replace occurrences of button with fusion_button. I would suggest to contact Themefusion support about that.

    Regarding the problem reported by @the_enn and @pnilz I wasn’t able to reproduce the issue, so it’s possible that there’s a conflict with another plugin. Please check our troubleshooting FAQ, and in particular take a look at your browser’s console.
    By the way I confirm that with the latest version of Avada the Fusion Builder icon doesn’t appear in the editor toolbar of widgets created with Black Studio TinyMCE Widget. That’s because Fusion Builder loads its assets only in pages “post.php” and “post-new.php” and not in widgets.php. If they could provide a way (function or hook) to force the loading of the assets from a 3rd party plugin, I could add a snippet to allow for compatibility, but at the moment this seems not possible. Please forward this information to Themefusion dev team, I am available to collaborate with them in order to find a solution.

    Hello Marco,

    Thanks for having a look into the conflict with Avada 5.0.2 with our problem above.

    I have submitted a ticket to Avada Support, so hopefully they can retify the issue or contact you and between you both it can be rectified.


    I dont believe that its the Black Studio Editor that is causing the problem. I have other plugins installed with visual editors and they are not working either. In fact they are displaying the exact same behavior as described above.

    I think we need to address the problem to the Theme Fusion team

    I have thge same problem. I am using Accesspress store. In my case I dont think the theme is the problem.

    Plugin Author Marco Chiesi


    I made some tests with the “Accesspress store” theme and I didn’t notice any problem with Black Studio TinyMCE Widget. Please ensure to go through our Troubleshooting FAQ and provide additional details about your issue. By the way, since this topic has turned into a discussion about the conflict with the latest version of the Avada theme, I would recommend you to start a new topic about your issue. Thank you.

    Hi Marco,
    Any more news on this and Theme Avada 5.0 and its new fusion builder is no longer able to use or see your short code icon in your editor as people have said. And I really need to continue side bar work to the site as HTML code is not my thing hence your great plugin until now with new avada latest versions.

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