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    Hi (again)

    When embedding Instagram it says “Sorry, we could not embed that content.”
    Why is that?

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  • MarkRH


    I just tried some Instagram post I found on Twitter and it worked. I don’t have an account there so I don’t know if you can prevent embedding content with a setting.

    So it can embed only individual posts from Instagram?

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    It can only embed things that Instagram allows it to embed.

    The embed blocks rely entirely upon the services provided by those individual service providers. For example, if a YouTube video is marked as not embeddable on YouTube, then the WordPress block cannot get the embed code from YouTube for it.

    The same thing may apply to Instagram. Or Instagram may not have native support for embedding multiple things. It is difficult to say without more information about what it is that you are trying to embed.

    I’m using plugin to embed latest photos from Instagram and tried out if Gutenberg block could do it instead.

    Could you provide a little more information? Ideally it would be great if you could provide the URL of the Instagram post that you are trying to embed. The post may be part of a locked account or something like that. As Otto points out – when it comes to embedding like this, it’s up to the service being embedded whether they will allow it or not.

    I was trying to embed five latest Instagram photos in real time. With the plugin I use it works with Instagram username. I was thinking if the Gutenberg block would work with Instagram account url.
    But it works fine with the plugin now. I was just curious if I can do it with Gutenberg block too.

    The Gutenberg block is for embedding a single Instagram post and it snot designed to do what you are wanting here. I’m glad the plugin works for you! If you feel like this should be a core feature of Gutenberg then you can open an issue on GitHub here to propose it:

    and i can’t embed published google sheets anymore when switching to Guttenberg

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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