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    Just upgraded to 2.5, and now I can’t edit the timestamp on my posts!

    I click on edit timestamp to change the time, but the timestamp reverts right back to when I originally published the post once I click save!

    Any suggestions?

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  • I post because I have the same problem and need help

    thanks a lot

    I reproduced this on my site too… I had never tried before. I’m gonna take a peek in the trac and see if I can find any more info on this…


    I think I’ve figured it out (and I’m thinking about reporting it in the trac).

    When you change only the minute field (like from 17:51 to 17:30) and nothing else, the timestamp is not edited. But if you change the hour, year, or day (I didn’t check month), the timestamp IS edited. I think it was an oversight from when they removed the “Edit Timestamp” checkbox.

    So for you two, for now… if you need to change the minute only, change the hour first, and then change it back to the specific time you wanted. ie. if the current timestamp is 17:51 and you want it to be 17:30, first change it to 16:51, then change it to 17:30. It’s messy, but until they get the coding fixed in core, it’ll have to do.

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    Thanks for the workaround.
    But I still hope they fix this issue quickly!

    One more… last post, I promise.

    I checked the code, and it is definitely wrong. There is a simple typo (mm instead of mn), which is causing this problem. I have posted it in the trac, and it should be fixed for WP 2.5.1.

    Thanks for posting this error! I hope my little workaround works for you for now.

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    Is there any way for me to edit the code to fix the problem?


    if (!isset( $_POST['ping_status'] ))
    $_POST['ping_status'] = 'closed';
    //foreach ( array ('aa', 'mm', 'jj', 'hh', 'mm') as $timeunit ) {
    foreach ( array ('aa', 'mm', 'jj', 'hh', 'mn') as $timeunit ) {



    //foreach ( array ('aa', 'mm', 'jj', 'hh', 'mm') as $timeunit ) {
    foreach ( array ('aa', 'mm', 'jj', 'hh', 'mn') as $timeunit ) {
    if ( !empty( $_POST['hidden_' . $timeunit] ) && $_POST['hidden_' . $timeunit] != $_POST[$timeunit] ) {

    kindly regards


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    Worked like a charm,
    Thanks Monika!!!

    Nice, thanks for discovering this rare occassion of a “fat fingered bug” spreading by copy and paste 😉

    How and where would you edit post.php and comment.php for this fix to work?

    I see the comments you’ve added in but don’t notice what you modified. 🙂

    Ignore my last comment. I see the mm -> mn switch. Couldn’t find that at first. 🙂

    Please tell me at which line to edit in both the lines. I am completely new to PHP and wordpress.

    I’m not sure if this is the same problem or not, but my site resets the date for wordpress stats at 5pm. Is there a way to make it reset at a more reasonable time like 7am? I’ve tried changing the time on Word Press, but that doesn’t seem to change anything except the times on my posts. It is really frustrating that I’m not getting an accurate account of my readership. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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