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  • This is a bit weird problem…

    I can’t edit posts or pages because it won’t switch to Visual editing, only html code, there is no formatting toolbar and media upload button doesn’t work, html text is white on white background?!

    I have two WP sites on server 3.5 and little bit older version (I cant find which) – They both have a same problem although I didn’t change anything.

    For testing purpose I have installed another WP via Softaculus – default installation with no plugins or skins and on new domain. Fresh installation has a same problems, so I suppose that something in server config changed?

    Tested with few browsers on few locations…

    Above all, why would someone put

    .js .tmce-active .wp-editor-area {
    color: white;

    in fresh installed /wp-includes/css/editor.min.css?ver=3.5
    So I cant see text…

    Attempted to install on another server and it works fine.
    Thanks for suggestions!

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  • I’m getting a similar problem. I have the tool bars, but when I click the “Update” button I’m taken to Page Not Found. But this is only on existing pages and posts. New ones are fine.

    Allen. There’s another thread with your question on it at:

    Have you deactivated all your plugins and checked it?

    I’ll do troubleshoot steps from other topic…

    @aaron, I don’t have any plugins. New default installation on new test domain is problematic.

    I have also installed it on another server where it works fine. Changing hosting provider is last option to do now…. it was working until few days ago. And one WP version wasn’t even updated, but also got this problems…

    Same problem with me. after publishing the posts i can not edit that post or upload images.

    Once again deleted all and manually installed fresh WP 3.5, and the problem remains.

    What could be a reason for JS not to function properly?
    I would appreciate help on this, willing to give a pass if it helps.

    When loading editor page there are a lot of warnings mostly Declaration Dropped in Firefox Error Console… and 3 errors as follows:

    [ Moderator Note: Please post code or markup snippets between backticks or use the code button. ]

    Timestamp: 4.1.2013. 2:07:47
    Error: SyntaxError: missing : after property id
    Source File:[]=jquery,utils,plupload,plupload-html5,plupload-flash,plupload-silverlight,plupload-html4,json2&ver=3.5
    Line: 7, Column: 60
    Source Code:
    n(){var f=0,k=[],m={},i={},a={"<":"lt",">":"gt","&":"amp",''"'':"quot","''":"#39"},l=/[<>&\"\'']/g,b,c=window.setTimeout
    Timestamp: 4.1.2013. 2:07:48
    Error: SyntaxError: missing ) after argument list
    Source File:[]=admin-bar,hoverIntent,common,schedule,wp-ajax-response,autosave,jquery-color,wp-lists,quicktags,jquery-query,admin-comments,sugg&load[]=est,jquery-ui-core,jquery-ui-widget,jquery-ui-mouse,jquery-ui-sortable,postbox,post,thickbox,underscore,shortcode,backbone,media&load[]=-models,wp-plupload,media-views,media-editor,word-count,editor,jquery-ui-resizable,jquery-ui-draggable,jquery-ui-button,jquery-u&load[]=i-position,jquery-ui-dialog,wpdialogs,wplink,wpdialogs-popup,wp-fullscreen,media-upload&ver=3.5
    Line: 3, Column: 60
    Source Code:
    Timestamp: 4.1.2013. 2:07:48
    Error: ReferenceError: tinyMCE is not defined
    Source File:
    Line: 1

    Just posting working solution from another topic if someneone stumbels on this…

    Add this line to wp-config.php above ‘stop editing here’:
    define(‘CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS’, false);

    i have this problem also

    @alen009 Thanks! That got it working for me 🙂

    i Have the same problem . How do we fix it?



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    As per the Forum Welcome, please post your own topic. Posting in an existing topic prevents us from being able to track issues by topic. Added to which, your problem – despite any similarity in symptoms – is likely to be completely different.

    I can’t edit posts or pages because it won’t switch to Visual editing, only html code, there is no formatting toolbar and media upload button doesn’t work, html text is white on white background?! Help button will not do anything either

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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