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  • Hello Everyone,

    I have the following problem (with 2.6.1): there exists a post I just can’t edit anymore. Other posts work fine, but this particular one refuses to be edited. Instead of the usual edit page I am presented an empty page only showing the tool bar (Write, Manage, etc.) without any hint or message whatsoever.

    From the generated HTML source code I can see that the last tag is <div id="wpbody"> and nothing else. It’s the first time I encountered this problem and I have tried disabling all plugins with no luck. Further more I do not suspect the update to 2.6.1 to have anything to do with it since I already edited the post after the update.

    I can see from the comments of the following topics that I am not the only one who experienced this problem:

    Can’t edit any post!
    Help! Can’t edit post (includes error message)

    Since my problem is slightly different as no error message is given I decided to start a new topic.

    Any help is greatly appreciated

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  • I have this exact problem, and I have been unable to get any solution after hours of searching using Google.

    I need to edit this particular post because it has broken my Home page. 🙁


    this is extremely annoying. Not that it is a major problem but I fear this could happen with other posts as well.

    After taking a look at some server logs I realized that this post has been called with the following parameters


    which looks like an SQL injection attempt. Since this post can’t be edited anymore and this call has only been seen with this post I am inclined to see a connection.

    Could this SQL thingy have caused this problem?

    I also have the exact same problem, cannot edit my posts, nor publish new ones, searched for this issue and apparently many of us experienced that lately, but no solution yet.

    I have been able to resolve this issue on my blog. I made a post detailing how I resolve it. You may want to check it out How I resolved my WordPress 2.6.1 upgrade error I pray it works for you. The situation can be annoying.

    ok. I was having the exact same problem. the post by naijaecash did not help.

    After lot of debugging, found that the problem was due to multiple revisions (which are created from v2.6+ of wordpress).

    Here is what I did to solve the problem…

    1. Backed up the database
    2. Opened the wp_posts table –> via phpMyAdmin
    3. deleted all the “Inherited” posts (or revisions) of the Post that was problematic. (in my case, i had 4 revisions + the current revision). So, deleted 4 revision rows. (you can search posts by the name of post – select * from wp_post where post_title=’problem post title’)

    Thats it. Now, I am able to edit the post normally.

    Hope this helps.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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