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    Hi, I’m not sure why my post was marked as resolved, because I replied to your post that that what you wrote was not answering the question I asked.

    I originally wrote:

    `Hi, for maybe a year now, my Shop Manager can no longer edit a vendor profile in the Users menu. I can as admin, but if I test with her role, I cannot.

    She also cannot assign a user the role of Vendor, that role option is not visible to her.

    She used to be able to do both no problem.

    Our workaround is every time she creates one as a customer, then I go in and change to Vendor and add in the seller profile info.

    I have checked in the Capabilities settings and she has every wcv capability enabled.

    She can edit other users, but for anybody who is a vendor, it only gives her the option of “View”.

    Is there a specific capability she needs to be able to edit/add vendors?

    Thank you.`

    And you answered WC Vendor doesn’t have shop manager role so I need to fix capabilities, which is exactly what capability she needs (see last question in my OP), so I wrote back:

    Maybe I didn’t word that clearly, I’m not asking you to manage roles.

    My issue is I can’t make someone an admin on my site with access to everything on my whole site just so they can add/edit vendor roles. She can add/ecit other users, just not the vendor role that is part of WC Vendor.

    I am asking what WCV capability is needed to add/edit vendor user

    , this changed around September/October 2019. Prior to that this same person in the same role could add and edit vendors, she did so for over a year. Then suddenly in 2019, she no longer could.

    How can I give someone WC Vendor permissions to add/edit vendor. The solution can’t be to make everyone an admin.

    Please advise on this question.

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  • Plugin Support Mark Kevin


    Hello @eftcolumbus ,

    Apologies for any inconvenience for setting the ticket as resolved.

    Furthermore, could you please ensure that you have an updated WooCommerce and WC Vendors Marketplace installed within your site.
    Afterwards, clear your browser cache and check if the shop manager role would be able to see the vendor role to a specific user.

    Let me know how it goes and I’ll be glad to try and help you with your current situation.


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    In case anybody else is searching all over like me to find a solution, I will provide the solution. Apparently WooCommerce is the one that is limiting access to user editing in the Shop Manager role.

    I added this as a snippet so my Shop Manager can add Vendors, tested it on two sites and it works.

    /* Lets Shop Managers edit users with these user roles */
    function wws_allow_shop_manager_role_edit_capabilities( $roles ) {
    $roles[] = ‘vendor’; // insert the role you want them to be able to access here, copy+paste this line for additional user roles
    return $roles;
    add_filter( ‘woocommerce_shop_manager_editable_roles’, ‘wws_allow_shop_manager_role_edit_capabilities’ );

    Plugin Author Jamie


    Hi @eftcolumbus

    Thanks for this snippet. I will be adding this to our documentation. Apologies that we didn’t catch this sooner.


    Founder, Lead developer.

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