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  • I can’t seem to edit long posts in WordPress 2.0. I took a short post and doubled its length. After saving it, the older briefer post appears. (It’s not an excerpt, the text is from the end of the post not the start.) When I click on the post’s title to view a single post, the entire longer post displays. But when I go to edit the post, only the original brief post appears, not the longer post I just saved.

    Does WP2.0 have a length limit?

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  • I’m not aware of any limit, and seriously, if there was one, I think a number of my posts on my blog would have gone over it. (I’m a bit… wordy.)

    Without seeing the site you’re talking about (a link would be most helpful) I can only take stabs at figuring out what went wrong.

    Is it only this one post? Do you have other long posts? Have you tried adding more long posts if not? It could be something in the post that’s cutting it off…

    Have you looked at the source of the output? Check for unintended commented out sections, or code that you didn’t put in there.

    Did you copy and paste from a word processing program? That will have all kinds of wonky effects.

    There is limit on a post’s content, but it’s 4,294,967,295 characters. Assuming an average character count of 6/word, that’s over 715,800,000 words. However, this is naturally restricted by the reality of ones disk and memory space, and it seems unlikely one would need 4 gigs of storage for one post (even you Fruitfly).

    wordimpressed, along with the points made above, a couple other things to try are:

    * Clear the disk cache in your browser.

    * Flush WordPress’ cache by deleting everything under wp-contents/cache/.

    at first, sorry for my English! I know, it shoult be better.
    I have the same problem. When I write a longer text/post, then only the title will be saved, the text is losed.
    I tryed it with 2 browsers, IE6 and Firefox 1.5. And i have deleted everything under wp-contents/cache/.
    But I have still this problem.
    Shorter posts are no problem.
    Please look at this site:
    this seems to be the limit. One line more, and nothing will be saved.
    Can anybody help me.
    Best greetings from munich

    Kafk: Thanks for the pointer. (The site’s URL is I didn’t see if this was limited to one post; something to examine.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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