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  • I updated to and I’m STILL; having this problem. I can delete and create links, but I cannot edit an existing. Every time I click on the update link button I get:!)

    I’m assuming that somehow I’m missing a file in the wp-admin directory? If so, I’ve compared the contents of my wp-admin directory to that of WP’s unzipped installation files and can find no difference. In fact, for the update I completely deleted the wp-admin directory and replaced it with whatever came by default in

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Links to what? Your Link Manager in the WordPress Admin? The Write or Manage Post screens? Links in your sidebar? Links in a post?

    I’m trying to figure out which links you are talking about, but you are talking about the Admin screen references. And the link to your wp-admin is useless since we don’t have a password or access and only get the Login screen. DO NOT give out the password and such, but if the problem is in the Admin, give us the specifics and maybe provide a screen shot graphic to help us “see” the problem. If it the problem is within your site, a link to the page with the problem would help.

    Sorry about the confusion…”Links” in the WP Admin as in Links|Manage Links. I’m looking at the list of links under “Manage Links” for the whole blog, I click “Edit”, make a change, and when I click the “Save Changes” button I get a blank “The page cannot be found” screen with this URL as the address:!)

    In fact, while going through the above in order to write this message, just clicking on the “Save Changes” button in the “Edit a Link” screen under “Manage Links” yields the error.

    Does this help clarify?

    Maybe redownload the distro, extract, and upload a fresh copy of the wp-admin folder? Sounds like something’s gone missing or got corrupted….

    I’ve redownloaded, extracted and uploaded twice now, even making sure to completely delete the entire wp-admin folder before uploading a fresh one. Nada.

    I change the same link every week to point to a new page on my web site, so this is why I noticed it happening as of the 1.5–>1.5.1 update, and continuing with

    Does someone know what is actually being called when the update link button is pressed? Might it be something outside of the wp-admin folder? (I’m a-fishin’…)

    Closure For Inquiring Minds:

    I downloaded all of the WP directories/files to my local machine into my Adobe GoLive site file and opened up GoLive. It identified a number of files, including edit.php, as having “something” wrong. (Indicated by an annoying little red bug icon next to each.) I found in these files several places where ‘(EmptyReference!)’ needed to be changed to ” as the action. (In other words, nothing needed to be between the apostrophes.) I can finally edit links now.

    Don’t know why space aliens came in the middle of the night and did this to me 😉 but thought I’d close out this thread just in case it happens to anyone else.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    @servant – I would suggest that the problem there was actually caused by GoLive.
    It is examining code and deciding where things should be, and then altering the code. Not a clever thing to do.

    Plain text-editors WORK 🙂

    No, the code was originally installed by my host provider via Fantastico and subsequent changes made using their web-based text editor and FTP. The problem existed for weeks. It wasn’t until I downloaded WP into GL, synchronizing it with the rest of my site, that I was able to see the issue. I edited and uploaded the files via GL and for the first time in weeks the problem went away. But thanks for the thought…

    Yes, I am seeing this behavior as well. Coincidentally, or not, I also use GoLive and I also see these EmptyReference items in the .php files.

    This happened after an upgrade from 1.5 to, when I extracted the new WP files and uploaded them according to the instructions here on this site.

    It does seem like GoLive has probably done something to the files but I cannot see what to do.



    Open up the PHP file(s) in GL, switch to the “Source” view, and use Edit | Find | Find Content function to look for all occurrences of EmptyReference!. They’ll be found within opening and closing apostrophes (eg, ‘(EmptyReference!)’) so you’ll just want to delete everything between leaving just the apostrophes with no space between. That did the trick for me.

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