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  • ckronengold

    During my install, i set up a new user, and can log in that way.
    but i can’t seem to log in as the admin anymore.
    Also, I moved my index.file into my root directory, and
    have my wordpress files in a /wordpress folder, as
    instructed in the manual.
    now when I log in and try to edit the “index.php” under the
    TEmplates menu I get the “oops, no such file” error.
    suggestions? sorry, i’m a newbie at this and just trying to get
    a handle on this.

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  • moshu


    For the second question: if your index file is elsewhere (i.e. not in the wp directory) then type the correct path for it. For the first one look around on the forum… it might be something with the cookies (not sure, though).

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    If it’s your blog, then the password you were given will give you the full admin level 10
    If you create another user, it will be at level 0, which is no real use.
    Have you totally forgotten your password that wp gave you on install completion ? If you have, and you have access to phpmyadmin on your host, you can reset the password:
    Or, if it’s a new blog with no entries, delete the lot and start over.



    It keeps telling me that no such file exists.
    is there a way to tell the CMS that you moved the index file?



    I can definitely start over, as this is my first go around.
    I’ve got the password that it gave me, but its not accepting it for some reason.
    seems weird.
    i was able to edit the links, however, becuase I had jacked up the access level
    for the user I created to 9.



    ok. I reset everything and got a clean install.
    actually, the phpMyAdmin wasn’t working right on my server.
    had to call the host and get that fixed.
    so now i’m back, and i moved the index file according
    to the
    seems to be working ok, but i can’t edit the template of the index file.
    when i try to edit the index file in the templates menu, i get the
    “Oops, no such file exists.” I’ve tried entering the filename manually
    in all of the folders on my server, but just can’t find it.
    can that be right?
    can I just edit the index file locally and then ftp it back on to
    the server? just not edit it through the wordpress UI?

    I’m not sure what’s causing the problem… but what’s odd is that with the link:
    you can edit every other file that exists in that directory except for index.php.
    in my case, i had renamed the page blog.php and returned it into that same directory, and yet i still could not edit either index.php nor blog.php, but i could edit things like wp-header.php, wp-blog-header.php, license.txt, readme.html… anything EXCEPT index.php or blog.php.

    this is with wp 1.3alpha, btw.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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