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  • Christopher Roberts


    Here are two screenshots of the problem
    Philosophy Blog Page – this is normal/right
    Technology Blog Page – where are the rest of the boxes???

    I am starting up a new blog called Technology Bloggers.

    Now I already have a Philosophy Bloggers and that is running fine, I am very happy with WordPress.

    The issue with me new blog is that when editing or creating a new page or post I don’t have the same fields as my philosophy blog. What I mean is that upon editing a page on my philosophy blog I have all of the following boxes:
    publish; page attributes; custom field; discussion; author; comments; revisions and permalink alias.
    On my new tech blog I only have:
    publish; page attributes and featured image.

    They are running the same version of WordPress and virtually the same plugins, but the technology one doesn’t have all the fields that the philosophy one has.

    I have disabled all plugins and changed it to the same theme as my philosophy blog, but I just can’t get up the boxes which allow me to edit who wrote the post, whether to allow comments etc.

    All help is really appreciated 🙂

    Questions- please ask!


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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