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  • Lots of functions but not focused on efficiency. The tables are as usual in WooCommerce, requiring too many steps to select a product, change a quantity, change a cost price. It takes too much time to get simple things done like adding inbound quantities when receiving a shipment of different SKUs or removing products from my own warehouse when we ship them to Amazon FBA.
    I can only recommend this for small businesses dealing with just a few products and not moving too much stuff around.

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    Hi @volkerforster ,

    Thank you very much for your rating.

    Please, we actually do have this from the very beginning. The function is called inventory logs. Just enter the menu under the same name and there you can crate the log of what has happened. If you need more help, the forum documentation will help you out.

    Hope you like it.


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    No this is useless. It doesn’t affect my inventory levels. I can, for example, select “customer return”, pick a random product and set the quantity to 100.
    This product’s quantity should go up by 100, but it is not changing at all.
    I select “Warehouse damage” and book 100, the quantity should go down by 100 but is not changing at all.
    Why would I log changes in my inventory if they are not even affecting the inventory?
    The thing is, that editing a product to change stock levels on product level is 1) not logging the process and 2) can mess up the inventory level if someone places an order exactly the moment between opening the product editor and saving the new inventory count. The 2 reasons why one NEVER updates inventory levels by editing the product.

    Plugin Author Salva Machi


    Hi @volkerforster

    You can change the stock for any item when you create an Inventory Log.
    Please, do read this article:

    And if you need a detailed log of your inventory changes, we have an add-on for that purpose. If you need more info, please ask us any questions on our official forums:

    Best Regards,

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    thank you for your help. I wasn’t able to find this information when browsing and searching in your tutorials.
    Unfortunately, this is too cumbersome, and not what I believe one would need on a daily basis. Too many steps with creating a new log, adding every product (but not being able to enter cost price and quantity in the same template), then editing every product again to change the quantity from 1 to whatever is required, then selecting the products again, and then finally click on increase or decrease. This would do the trick, but in a way that’s barely acceptable.
    I already talked to a developer last night and I believe I better get my own plugin developed to simplify these processes. Efficiency is king. Your log is anything else than efficient.
    But I will change my review since you showed me the function I was missing is actually there.
    Best regards

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