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    We are working on a demo site that has a members-only forum. The forum topics and replies have to be cut and pasted from the old site, not a wordpress site, to our demo. Lots of boring work!

    We are updating topics and replies to mirror the dates on the old site. But it seems that when for example, I add a new topic or new reply, the date that it appears in the Forum shows today’s date and not the post date — I’ve checked this in many posts. The dates when I’m in edit mode are correct. A reply that’s dated Sept 25 2018 appears in the Forum table as today – March 5 2019.

    So the forum displays topics out of sequence from the old / current forum.

    I installed and activated your plugin, and was able to change the header title just fine. But the plugin doesn’t seem to help me with my main concern of displaying posts based on published dates.

    Is there something I can do to fool bbpress and or your plugin?

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  • Plugin Author Robin W


    so how are you posting these and changing the date – can you describe the steps so I can understand

    Hi – thanks for a quick response.

    Maybe these screenshots will help? I posted them on not on the client site (to protect her privacy):

    I want to display on the main forum page the last reply with the posted date, and not literally the date I added it.

    Let me know if I still haven’t explained it so you can understand. Thanks!

    Plugin Author Robin W


    ok, I can replicate the issue.

    This is because bbpress stores the forum last activity separately, and this is not updated on a backend date change.

    So even without my plugin, the last activity is still wrong.

    However there is an option in

    dashboard>tools>forums>repair forums> then 4th one down – Recalculate last activity in each topic and forum.

    If you run this it should fix the issue.

    Suggest you test with what you have loaded so far, and if it works, run it again when they are all loaded

    Wow. That did the trick! Thank you for your help on this. I’ve sent you a tip.

    Plugin Author Robin W


    glad to have helped, and thanks for your donation – much appreciated !

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