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    I’m using my own custom theme on my blog, but my div box with my posts is always displaying below my profile. A link to my page would be so you can see what I mean. In my CSS code, the profile sidebar is float:left, whereas even if I use float:left or float:center on the main content box, it still gets placed below my profile. Can anyone help? I can provide my full CSS and HTML code on request.

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  • The code is a mess; you have way too many nested floats. Once something is inside a floated box, it doesn’t need to float if it’s the only thing in there. Anything inside a major container can be declared as either auto or 100% (or any other percentage less than 100%) and if there are for example three boxes inside a container, you can float them all left and they should all display next to each other if their widths do not exceed the width of the container, including padding, borders and margins.

    Do a google search on box models and floated container divisions and see what you come up with.

    No need to provide the code or CSS; I imagine I’m not the only one here using Firefox’s developer tools where you can edit CSS on the fly. You should check it out; it makes nitpicking stylesheets a lot easier.

    Well when I display the basic version of the webpage I had without WordPress, it displayed fine, but now when I added WordPress in it, the bits got borked. Why is that?

    Also, I have no idea if my problem is in CSS of my code, since it looked wonderful when I wasn’t using any CMS.

    OK, now I’ve gotten the theme working :hooray:, but now some things aren’t going exactly right. First, there’s a dot from an unordered list that won’t go away, and there’s this dotted line I can’t rome, just shift.

    Well thanks for all the help, I just finagled some things around and it’s working!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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