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  • Ahhh. Have the same problem. Please release an fix.

    Until fix: Add this in the bottom of your /wp-admin/index.php, so it wont bother you as long.

    You probably already know this already, but just in case:

    #wp-pointer-0 {
    display:none !important;

    Edit: /wp-admin/admin-footer.php is the correct file to put this in.

    Thanks so much for the tip, richardhovdsven!

    I’m wondering why this isn’t a more prominent problem on the forums. Are you by any chance running SEO Yoast as well? I wonder if this only happens for those who are using both Google Analytics for WordPress and SEO Yoast plugins together.

    SEO Yoast has a similar problem, but re-saving settings there dismisses the SEO message window (then showing the Google Analytics one).

    While we are talking about it… why does clicking ‘no thanks’ to tracking send me to the settings page?

    That is just mind-bogglingly annoying..! and a waste of time?


    The message is also shown to non-admin-users, who can’t change this setting. It makes it very hard to use the dashboard for them.

    Horrible. HORRIBLE! This has prevented users of my multisite from posting until I and only I login to every single site and click “No thanks.”

    There are better ways this should have been handled. Like standard ways that plugins post a notification in the dashboard.

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    I click ‘do not allow’ and it closes right away, no issues with the latest version. I also tested with running both Yoast’s plugins at the same time on a fresh install of WP. I was not able to reproduce the dismissal error.

    I grant you it’s annoying, but it’s not against the rules at this time.

    Clicking “do not allow” doesn’t work for anyone other than admins, and it prevents usability of a site. On Multisites, anyone other than a super-admin doesn’t seem able to click “do not allow.”

    And clicking “do not allow” annoyingly redirects to the settings page for Google Analytics for WordPress.

    I’m not using multisite, although I am using a handful of good plugins which haven’t caused issues on the admin side before though.

    The “help improve” message always shows, there’s only one button (to deny sharing of statistical data), it has a fixed position at coordinates 0, 0 and clicking the button doesn’t do anything.

    I’m just learning PHP and I may not understand the code well, but could there be something wrong with the following conditional?
    if ( !isset( $options['tracking_popup'] ) && !isset( $_GET['allow_tracking'] ) )

    I’ve recently updated to WP 3.4.1 as well.

    EDIT: As an alternative temporary fix, I’ve edited the class-pointer.php, by commenting out the whole content of the enqueue() function. That portion is responsible with displaying the box on the admin panel.

    Hi, in my case it was not possible to move the window, click the button and what every i did, it would not disapear.
    Still have the same problem, but then again, its not there.

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    Okay, I was finally able to reproduce this. Yep, non admins can’t click away.

    FWIW, it’s still not against the rules, but it is a bug. Which I’ll make sure is reported.

    I am admin, and I can’t dismiss it (it comes back on reload). Not pretty.

    Editing line 28 of the class-pointer.php file is the best workaround that I’ve found.

    #add_action( 'admin_print_footer_scripts', array( $this, 'tracking_request' ) );
    add_action( 'admin_print_footer_scripts', array( $this ) );

    The only thing that eliminates is printing the tracking request.

    same bug!

    It’s very nice of richardhovdsven to have provided a pseudo-fix. Alas for me, I haven’t a clue what he’s talking about. Can anyone translate it into non-programmer English for the Luddite masses? Thanks!

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