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    I am trying to delete a theme that I’m no longer using and it’s not working. On WordPress, I go to ‘Themes’, click on the theme I want to delete and then the delete button in the bottom right corner. I get this message: “Deletion failed: The requested theme does not exist.”

    How can I safely delete this theme without messing up my site? I have used this theme for several months so it does exist, but I now have the WordPress 2015 theme active.

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  • I’m not totally sure this would make a difference, but I’m curious if it is a third party theme or a default WordPress theme. If WP continues to give you a hard time, you can always remove the theme folder/directory manually through FTP or on the command line (whichever you’re more comfortable with). You should find the theme directory following this directory path: wp-content/themes/.

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    Thanks for your reply. It’s a 3 party theme that I can’t delete. Which would be the safest way to try for someone new to WP?

    Use FTP: see Filezilla and FTP Clients « WordPress Codex. Or use your web host’s file manager in your control panel.

    Thank you everyone! I found the file in my host control panel and finally got it deleted.

    Im having same problem but i refuse to go the FTP route, id like to have the same powers as before where you can view details and then simply press delete why won’t this work it just says Deleting…. but never actually does anything 🙁 ?????

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    If the theme’s directory has spaces or dots in its name, WordPress will be unable to delete the theme. Make sure to name the theme directory using only alphanumerics, hyphens and underscores and everything should work correctly.

    Oddly enough nothing seems to work. I tried using the admin UI and upon hitting the delete button on the theme’s details pop up overlay I get “Deletion failed: The requested theme does not exist.” but the folder is clearly there in the themes folder. I tried removing the folder to see if the installed theme would disappear from the admin UI, still nothing. Quite frustrating, any help and suggestions will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    Did you get any further on this?

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    I think that is anything to do with file permissions.
    In my local environment, I changed security setting on theme folder that I want to delete, and I was able to delete the theme via WP admin.
    Try to change the security setting/permissions via FTP or hosting control panel.

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