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  • Hi all,
    I’ve been going crazy trying to figure this one out, and I thought I’d share my solution now that it’s resolved. I recently moved to a new server, and I noticed that I couldn’t delete posts or load certain pages in the WP admin panel.

    If I clicked “delete” in the Manage Posts screen, nothing would happen. If I edited a post and clicked the “delete post” button, I would get a blank white screen, with in the address bar. In other cases, the browser would try to download the post.php file.

    I went so far as to tweak my server’s php.ini settings, but none of that had any effect.

    The problem turned out to be that I had two plugins called runphp.php (one was runPHP.php – case-difference only). Only one of them was activated, but this was causing the problem.

    I deleted both plugins, re-uploaded a fresh copy of the plugin, reactivated it, and all is well. Hope someone, now or years in the future, finds this useful :).

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  • One correction: There was also a conflict with the Google Sitemamp plugin, which kept me from deleting posts, and returned a blank white page when creating a new post (which was double-posted). Deactivating Google Sitemaps fixed the problem.

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