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  • Hello…i’m having an issue where i can’t delete posts from the control panel. It visually disappears but when i try to go to another area of the cp it says “are you sure you want to navigate away from this page?”….when i do the post shows up again when i go back to “edit posts”…any suggestions?

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  • This is just the problem I’m searching the forums for an answer to. I recently upgraded 3 of my blogs to 2.1 and only one of them doesn’t work. I’ve tried emptying the cache, using FireFox and IE 7 and various other things. I can’t delete either a post or a page and can’t add a category either. I can add pages and posts however. Any ideas?

    Exactly the same problem here. It won’t let me do much to edit new ones, either.

    I’m having the same problem deleting Pages.

    Is anyone at WP doing anything about this issue?

    Glad I’m not the only one. I just switched to WordPress and I haven’t even been able to delete the Hello World post(it just comes right back), or edit it (I save changes and it just erases them). New posts only save my headlines, not my text.

    Same problem here.
    I also can’t create categories.

    I’m experiencing this (can’t delete posts or add categories) too, on a brand-new install that I did using Dreamhost’s 1-click installation. It seems like maybe some of the fancy AJAX operations are failing silently. I don’t know how to fix it, but here are some workarounds:

    • For categories, the “Category Manager” plugin (available here) will let you edit categories.
    • To delete a post, go to the “edit” page for that post, and then click the “Delete” button under the text field.

    same here

    incrementalist, I want a permanent solution not a workaround.

    I hope WordPress team will update their 2.1 soon as it appears to have more problems than 2.0.5 meaning I can get to appreciate 2.0.5 more than 2.1 because of these “bugs”

    I don’t know if it’s related, but running WP2.1 on IE6 on W98, when I get the Manage Posts screen up, and try to put the mouse on an EDIT or DELETE button, all the posts scroll down before I can click the button, and they do it again and again if I chase them. I fancy it’s some smart mouseover code, but it didn’t happen on the previous version.

    Well, strike that one from the record… Updating my elderly IE6 to SP1 did the trick.

    I had this problem (or a slight variation of it) too, after upgrading from 1.5.2 directly to 2.1. I reverted to my backups, then tried upgrading incrementally from 1.5.2 to 2.0 to 2.0.7 to 2.1. That solved the problem.

    You can see my help ticket here.

    If you have pre-upgrade backups, I would suggest reverting to the prior version and re-upgrading incrementally. Of course, you’d lose any comments and posts that were added to the database since the original upgrade, but if you have access to MySQL through phpMyAdmin or whatever, it would be pretty easy to move those over into the re-upgraded database.

    Alternatively, over on this thread, elpis2000 proposed a solution involving the wp_options table in MySQL. I don’t know whether it works, as I’ve already fixed the problem on my blog through the incremental-upgrade method, but you might want to try it.

    For what it’s worth, there’s also discussion of this topic here. I agree that WordPress really needs to address this — it does seem to be a common, if not universal, problem in non-incremental upgrades to WordPress 2.1, and there’s nothing in the documentation suggesting that you need to upgrade incrementally. So WP needs to either diagnose & fix the problem, or else at the very least, add a warning to its upgrade instructions telling people to upgrade incrementally.

    I think I found a solution (at least it worked perfectly for me, and it makes some sense).
    Let me tell you first the scenario I had:
    – WordPress 2.1, fresh install
    – K2 theme (0.9.5 RC1)
    – Server: Win2003 / IIS 6 / PHP 5.2.1 / MySQL 5.0.22
    The problem I had: When deleting a post from the Admin > Manage section, the entry disappeared but after a refresh, the post was still there.

    I noticed that this only happened when K2 was active, so I traced the problem deep down to the file prototype.js, which wasn’t being loaded from the core WP files if K2 was selected.

    It would be wise to backup the files involved, just in case something goes wrong.
    So, open the file wp-content/themes/k2/js/prototype.js.php and delete everything except for the first php tag (the one that looks something like

    	// check to see if the user has enabled
               gzip compression....
    ... some more code here (about 15 lines)...
    	header('Content-Type: text/javascript;
                    charset: UTF-8');

    Now, copy the entire contents of wp-includes/js/prototype.js to the end of your recently modified prototype.js.php file. Now save/put the file back on the server.

    Now, go to the admin > manage posts area, clear your browser’s cache (or press CTRL+F5 on Internet Explorer, so you force a complete refresh). The delete buttons should be working now (worked for me).

    i dont think that is applicable in my problem because i dont have k2 theme installed but i still encounter the problem

    I’m having this problem too. WP 2.1.1, new install. Things were working fine earlier in the week, but now there’s lots of problems.

    In IE, the admin stylesheet doesn’t seem to work at all. I can delete posts, but the WYSIWYG editor doesn’t allow me to input anything.

    In FireFox, the stylesheet works fine, but I can’t switch over to the code view when writing a post. And while I can post new posts and the post title will register, anything I type into the WYSIWYG won’t – the posts will be blank. Also I can’t delete posts.

    I deleted my cookies and restarted my browsers but the problems persist in both browsers.

    I’m noticing the same thing happening. I’m working off of a fresh install of WP 2.1.2, and as I tweak things, I occasionally add a test post to see the result. The trick mentioned above (Edit the post, and delete it there) works, but it is awkward and totally non-intuitive. I wouldn’t care so much for myself, but I’m designing the blog for another to write in, and my goal is to make his writing experience as hassle-free as possible.

    A fix on this would be appreciated.

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