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  • So I’m working with the new version of WordPress 2.5 and the media library. Two things I notice.

    (1) I can’t seem to delete images I no longer want. The button is there but it doesn’t actually delete anything.

    (2) There doesn’t seem to be a way to replace an image in the media library. Say I want to replace an old image with a better newer one, but do it globally and to all existing instances. Can’t be done?

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  • I’m having the very same problem. The website is and I’m not able to delete posts, categories or pictures in the back-end.

    When I go to “manage” >> “posts” (or categories or media library), select a post to be deleted and then hit the delete button it will say the post is deleted but it actually isn’t.

    Any ideas on this issue?

    I am also not too thrilled with the file management. I can not create folders to organize files or rename a file. I also wanted to update an image, so I had to delete through FTP, then re upload through WP.

    Anyone find a fix for this yet? I seem to be experiencing the same issues as well. When I am in the new media library, it says it deletes the image, but it is still there. Also on the “manage post” side of things, when I am in the list view of posts and select a post to delete I get an error, but if I edit the post and then delete it all is well.

    Any thoughts?

    Just right click the image in the editor and select cut. The image will be deleted from the text….

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