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  1. shlomof
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I've been using "google analytics for wordpress" pluginm for a while now on my website.

    I now want to change the profile to a new account so my adwords account and analitics account will be on the same system.

    Problem is, No matter what I do I still have the old profile on the page.
    I tried resetting the plugin, deactivate then activate the plugin, reinstalling the plugin....nothing helps, the code stays and therefore I can't see the data in the account. only on the old account.

    now, I'm after reinsallation of the plugin, but before doing ANY authentication with the analytics profile. still, when I looki at the source code of the page I search for "UA" and find the old "UA" profile number. although currently there supppose to be nothing there....

    Here is the link:

    desparate for help!

  2. shlomof
    Posted 5 years ago #

    When you have google website optimizer installed from a different account than the analytics accounts, You'll see on the analytics profile that you code is not installed.

    so now, analytics works but website optimizer still doesn't...

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