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Can't delete Feature

  • exgreen7


    If I need to change the wording or delete a feature, sometimes it will not let me.
    I’ve had to do a whole new price table. What causes this delete feature bug, and is there a workaround?

    I have a price table with 4 columns and 8 Features. Don’t want to have to keep redoing it.



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  • estuffs


    Same issue here, any idea anyone?



    I never found an answer, or got any help. I ended up having to redo the whole table.

    Plugin Author Shaon


    It could be a js conflict with your other plugin you using there. Try deactivating other plugins



    Thanks for replying.
    I am using it on a fresh site. The only plugins I have are askimet and hello dolly(deactivated).

    Plugin Author Shaon


    which theme are you using there



    By InkThemes

    Same here, any idea? I can’t delete the feature and I really don’t want to redo the whole matrix.

    Also, how do you get rid of the circle for the grey theme?

    same problem to, I have to publish, then come out the table, then back into the table, then delete. Least try this before deleting whole table. ouch!

    Same problem here.

    Same here, no deletion possible whatsoever.. too bad. Had high hopes here.

    I can not delete package or feature. Could you please fix this issue?

    I’ve noticed this too, I believe it’s to do with certain characters not being escaped in the ajax .post on deleting a feature.

    An ampersand in the feature title (&) will cause this for example. In firebug this causes an error with…

    Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: .FraudProtection&Security
    Line 2

    @estuffs – if you want the remove the circle in the grey theme, just edit the css creating that. It’s in the grey template file… pricing-table/tpls/price_table-gray.php – you can edit this within the wordpress gui.

    OK, pretty sure I’ve fixed this. Problem was with certain un-escaped chracters.

    In file

    You need to replace all instances of
    str_replace(" ","",$str);

    This is a bit stricter and strips out other characters which could cause jQuery some trouble.

    You of course have to ‘Update’ the table each time as this performs the save!

    I have something like this str_replace(” “,””,$value);
    I replaced them with preg_replace(“/[^A-Za-z0-9]/”,””,$str);
    and still cant delete anything.

    Plugin Author Shaon


    @reynock, if possible, send a temporary wp-admin login info to contact@wpeden.com to check your issue.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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