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  • I had a category that was a sub-category of another. I deleted the parent category, and now can’t see the sub-category. If I try to add it back it tells me it’s already there.

    I had: Clay Work > Pottery
    I deleted: Clay Work
    Pottery no longer shows up.
    I try to add: Pottery and it tells me it’s already there.

    How can I delete this?

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  • Ba-da-bump.

    have you tried to add clay work back?

    If you can add clay work back it may show your pottery under it again. If by chance it does, then you can edit your categories and remove pottery from the parent clay work and set it to no parent.

    if you cant add clay work back, then you may want to use phpmyadmin and edit your database manually to remove the parent category assignment so it will show up again in your admin panel

    Don’t ask how to use phpmyadmin from me as I don’t know much about it and wouldn’t want you to mess something up royally.

    Yes, I tried adding it back, but alas… it didn’t show the sub-categories again.

    Where would the categories show up in PHPMyAdmin?
    (that’s not asking how to use it… just where it is) 🙂

    Is the category that won’t delete set as your default category? If so, this would explain it.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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