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  • I need a fresh start. I’ve been using my home grown blank theme base and slowly upgrading it over time but it’s time for a change.

    I’m looking for a somewhat blank boilerplate and am a bit overwhelmed with the options.

    Can I get some opinions on GPL themes I can use as a base to start back off on the right foot? A full blown complex framework will be overkill for most of my upcoming small projects.

    I’m not concerned with styles and features, just looking for a theme that follows all of WP’s best practices with PHP and template requirements.

    Should I just start with TwentyThirteen and strip out the styles?

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  • hey, hhins.

    i developed the following Theme right after HTML5 Boilerplate came out, and it is pretty plain vanilla, in fact no design CSS at all, just a clean slate starting point, with a lot of WP’s bloated CSS classes removed (thanks to the Starkers Theme i started with):

    otherwise, i think Bones and Roots get the most votes out there, and both are supported pretty widely by their communities (my Theme is mostly me, with a few nice people pointing out bugs or making suggestions), but both also have a good bit of stuff that you may not need (grids, etc.).

    i doubt i thinned your choices too much, but hopefully this helps a little.

    good luck,

    Every bit helps Aaron, thank you. 🙂 I’ll check that one out.



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    Have a look at

    Thank you esmi, also a good looking choice!

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