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  • Plugin Author Steve



    What method of implementation did you use? The “Automatically display subheadings before post content.” option or manual addition to theme files?

    Are there any references to ‘the_subheading’ function in the theme functions file (functions.php)?

    The standard install I have does not produce this error, so would be keen to identify the problem.


    I had the plugin installed a while ago, so it was an old version. It’s not in any template files. When I updated the plugin and deactivated it, that’s when the error happened.

    So I had the old version, active but not being used. Updated all my plugins. Now the new version was active. Still not being used. Then I deactivated it, and got the error. When I activate it, the error goes away.

    I think the previous setting was “Automatically display subheadings before post content.” No references to “the_subheading” are being called because I wasn’t using it.

    Plugin Author Steve


    Thanks for the information.

    Not really sure how to resolve this one with my inability to replicate it at present.

    Are you using a custom theme or anything I could have a browse through the source code and install?

    Well here’s the site:

    The plugin is currently active… Im using a custom theme and the Genesis Framework.

    Plugin Author Steve


    What happens if you fully delete the plugin? Do you still get the same error?

    It may be worth searching for the string ‘the_subheading’ in your theme too, to rule out any direct calls.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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