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  • This is odd. wordpress installed just fine and i was able to create 3 posts. i logged off, then logged back into my joomla control panel 3 hours later.

    now, when i go to the wordpress control panel i keep getting “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.” whenever i click on write new post. In fact, i can’t perform any adminstration tasks whatsoever.

    any ideas on what might be causing this ?

    one more thing. after the “howdy” is always blank. I’ve tried logging in with several users and the same thing happens

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  • Hey man,
    I’m having a problem too, not like yours, I get in fine but whenever I try to publish anything page/post the browser locks up and I get 100% CPU usage.

    the strange thing about this is that here’s what i did to fix it: I went into my site and i added a comment. once the comment was added i was able to go back into the joomla backend and enter new posts from there. Strange, but it worked.

    since then it has been working perfectly. go figure. did you add some javascript into your site? it’s possible it’s looping to no end. what’s your site url ?

    ok, this happened again to me this morning. I tried the comment solution, but it hasn’t solved the issue. Now i’m at a loss. I can’t explain what makes it happen and I can’t explain what solves it. Anyone else having this issue?

    Hehehe, buff, this is many months later, I don’t know if you’re still attempting to use WP. I can’t do any of the admin stuff in WP through Microsoft IE, I have to use Firefox and I have no issues at all. For some reason WP sends IE into an endless loop and taps out my cpu usage to 100% on any computer I’ve tried using that runs IE.

    If anyone has resolutions this would be good to post about.

    I’m still using 2.0.4

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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