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    Hi, since I’ve updated to 2.10.0, I can’t create pages and/or posts.

    This error message apears:

    Fatal error: Uncaught Give\Framework\Database\Exceptions\DatabaseQueryException: Query failed in database in /homepages/15/d589687254/htdocs/ Stack trace: #0 /homepages/15/d589687254/htdocs/ Give\Framework\Database\Exceptions\DatabaseQueryException::create(Array) #1 /homepages/15/d589687254/htdocs/ Give\Framework\Database\DB::runQueryWithErrorChecking(Object(Closure)) #2 /homepages/15/d589687254/htdocs/ Give\Framework\Database\DB::__callStatic('get_results', Array) #3 /homepages/15/d589687254/htdocs/ Give\MigrationLog\MigrationLogRepository->getMigrations() #4 [internal function]: Give\MigrationLog\He in /homepages/15/d589687254/htdocs/ on line 32

    Hope you can help me.

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  • Plugin Contributor Ben Meredith


    Hi there,

    What’s going on here is a combination of two different issues that are conspiring to make for this particular fatal error.

    The first issue is that upon updating to 2.10.0 of GiveWP your site should have generated a new database table to track migrations (changes made within the GiveWP database tables). That procedure failed on your site, and didn’t create the database table that is accessed with the get_migrations() function referenced in step #3 of that error message.

    So when the site goes looking for a table and there’s not one there, it’s currently not handling that very well.

    The next issue your error message helped us uncover is that GiveWP get_migration() checks shouldn’t be happening at all upon creation of Posts and Pages. We’ve already isolated the cause of that, and are working on a fix for it. You can provide additional details or track the progress of the feedback here:

    On other sites, it’s just harmlessly going to check the migrations on every post or page creation. On yours, it’s breaking altogether, because there’s not a table there to check those migrations.

    So the first fix is to determine what on your specific site is preventing the creation of that migrations table. We’ve got a small handful of other reports of this and can make a few guesses, but ultimately we need to check the error logs for clues.

    Here’s a plugin that should allow you to check the debug logs for clues:

    Follow the instructions there for checking the debug log and pass along any error message you see.

    One thing that we think may be causing these issues is sites running old versions of MySQL (older than 5.7). We’re in the process of making sure that the database migration and tools are all backward compatible to version 5.6, but if you are running an older version than that, you”ll need to update that and your host can help.

    Here’s the feedback for that issue where you can follow along:

    Once you get that database table created, you should be good to go, and then our fix to prevent it from even trying to check migrations will fully resolve things.

    Plugin Support Rick Alday


    Our dev team released a new update today that fixes it and to do so you need to update GiveWP.

    In this case, you can click on Plugins > Installed Plugins and click to update your plugins. If you do not see an update for it, it’s just the cache. You can navigate to Dashboard > Updates and click on Check Again. It will check for the updates and clear the cache and you’ll be able to update the plugin.

    I’d recommend taking a backup of the site that you can confidently restore from. Here’s an article we wrote that explains more clearly how to do that:

    Bear in mind that although it’s compatible with MySQL 5.5 or later right now, we still encourage you to reach out to your hosting company and ask them to update your MySQL to something greater than 5.7

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